Where Has This Love Doctor And Apostle Been?

I am not sure it’s appropriate for me to apologize for taking yesterday off blogging to honor my new born baby. I have always considered it a badge of honor to live one’s message. It just didn’t seem love appropriate for me to spend the day tinkering with technological devices, when the love of my life was enduring labor pains. The 40,000 of you, who have followed my over 100 love posts, from about 80 nations, shouldn’t be surprised I made such a love oriented choice.We actually were honored with a remarkably beautiful baby girl. The third of my cute angels. The queen of my heart and the baby are in excellent condition. Do remember us in your love and prayers.

However I must confess I missed our time together on love dynamics. I live and breathe to share these life changing love principles and tools with you. Funny as it sounds, I am not going to harass you with any love truths today(smiles). I just wanted to let you know you matter to me. Don’t miss my post tomorrow about “How High Is Your Love IQ?”

I am on my way to the hospital to help the love of my life with some baby sitting(smiles). What one means to the whole world doesn’t matter, if one means nothing to those closest to you. I love you.


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7 thoughts on “Where Has This Love Doctor And Apostle Been?

  1. A Big Congratulations to you sir and to your family. This is the best ever love dynamix I have read. Its beyond beautiful. Keep up the good work.

  2. Congratulations sir,I pray God will keep them all and the new Queen.amen.I earnestly wish &pray from my heart that the arrival of your new baby will be a time of your glory being known all over the world.More power to your elbow sir.I missed your pot esterday though!(Smiles)

  3. Congratulations Sir, may the Lord bless and protect her, and restore the strength that your beautiful wife spent in the process of delivery.

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