How To Make Your Love Stick

One of the most painful love observations of my life is that, it is possible for you to love someone genuinely, and for your love not to register in their consciousness. This can be intensely frustrating for the one initiating the love gesture. A primary example of this is the creator’s love for his creatures, evidenced by the remarkable provisions of nature, existing in deliberate eco-systemic balance. Obvious as this may seem, many live their whole lives without getting the point that the creator’s overwhelming disposition towards them is one of loveHow unfortunate. On the natural level, how do I make my love register in the consciousness of my beloved?

  1. VERBALIZE IT: It is not enough to be in love,it is important for you to say so. Ladies particularly need to hear the words “I LOVE YOU” consistently to exist in a state of emotional equilibrium. Men must realize that if you are too big to tell her you love her, you are too small to have her. Men will often protest “but she knows I love her”. Her knowledge of the fact irrespective, ladies are the only creatures of God, who need to be told what they know over and over,for them to feel secured in love. All men must either bow to this fact, or bow out of their lives.
  2. DRAMATIZE IT: Saying I love you will mean nothing, if it isn’t backed up with corresponding love actions. During most love crisis, the problem often stems from the fact that our actions aren’t reinforcing our words. I call this problem, lack of alignment in love. For our love to work, both our words and actions must back up each other. This is particularly true for men,because men live in a world where actions count, just telling a man you love him won’t work. You will have to demonstrate this love by actions for it to register with him. Ladies are also not an exception to the rule.
  3. PUBLICIZE IT: Question any lover, who is unwilling to go public with their love for you. The more public the display of a person’s love for you, the more believable it is. If their love for you isn’t being displayed, you are being played. Know you are being played, when the only display of love you get from a person is private. It usually is a sign that someone’s opinion on the outside, is more important than their love for you. I am not saying that everyone you are in love with today, should be announced on the Tabloids tomorrow. I am simply saying that a growing conviction of your love for someone, should be matched with corresponding disclosure of this fact to the world around you. One of the greatest benefits of publicizing your love life is that it puts off prospective lovers and let’s them know you aren’t available.
  4. ANALYZE IT: The more matured you are,the more you will discover that love means different things to different people. Relationship expert, Gary Chapman‘s book, The five love languages highlights this fact. This is why you must through analysis, find out what works for your partner, and what doesn’t. This will enable you love them on their own terms, and in their own way.
  5. FINALIZE IT: Years ago, I stumbled upon a research conducted on couples,whose marriages had lasted for between fifty and a hundred years. They wanted to isolate the common factor that was responsible for the long term existence of these relationships. What emerged was the fact that, they never threatened the existence of their relationship, no matter how difficult things got in the relationship. For them, divorce was not an option. They were committed to each other forever. Have you found that person, to whom you will be willing to offer life long commitment? I suggest you rigorously test your love prospects for validity, and when you’ve found that credible person, go into it for the long haul.

If doing all of the above doesn’t convince them or make your love register in their consciousness,don’t be offended. Just realize they weren’t meant to be yours to begin with. What’s yours won’t strain,stress or strangle you. Good day!


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