When Your Sexual Brake Fails, Do these

The most dangerous thing that can happen to a human being is indulgence in unrestrained sexual intercourse. This addiction to sexual pleasure has been a major destructive factor in individuals as well as societies. From the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah to the ancient Roman empire, from Solomon to the revered Fela Anikulapo kuti. Once we make up our minds to be controlled by our sexual impulses, devastation awaits us. It is normal for us to have sexual desires, but it is destructive for our sexual desires to have us. Just like a car without brakes is bound to have terrible accidents, a person without sexual brakes is bound to have several accidents in life. Sexual power is dangerous without control.These sexual accidents could be physical in nature, they could be professional, they could be marital or they could be financial in nature. Sexual discipline must be developed by all who intend to see lasting success in life. The following are some recommendations for wonderful people who find themselves in this predicament.

  1. ACKNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE A PROBLEM: Being out of sexual control isn’t cool, it is a huge problem. When people can’t acknowledge they have a problem, that problem actually has them. Realizing our need for change is the first step to change. It is possible to ignore, justify, or trivialize our sexual problems, such approaches lead to life long bondage. Some even begin to call their problem a personal sexual orientation, this is sad. The moment your so called sexual orientation is costing you your well being, you are in real trouble so face the dark truth about yourself.
  2. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP: It only makes sense that once you can no longer help your self sexually, you need to be helped. Failure to seek such help could lead to stagnation and retrogression in life. This help could come in the form of books, seminars, sexual recovery programs or professional sexual addiction therapy or counseling. Unfortunately it is very difficult for people to seek for help in such a personal area as sex. We must cast off our embarrassment, and cry for help because the embarrassment of self disclosure is small compared to the embarrassment of ultimate destruction.
  3. YOU MUST QUARANTINE YOURSELF FROM THE SOURCES OF YOUR PROBLEM: You can’t solve a sexual problem by choosing to wallow in it. If you have a problem with ladies sexually, you can’t have them as your personal assistants or as your best friends and be victorious over your struggles. You can’t indulge in privacy with people you’re struggling with sexually and still live responsibly. You must be sincere about what you can and cannot handle sexually. This might involve drastic steps like a job change, a change in address or even the termination of intimacies.
  4. YOU MUST SEEK SPIRITUAL HELP: Not all sexual struggles are of a psychosomatic origin,some are spiritual in origin. No amount of psychological therapy can solve spiritual problems. You must not be too post modern to diagnose the spiritual nature of your problems. Some challenges will require the application of prayers and fasting to overcome. It only makes logical sense that if you have a problem with a product,the manufacturer should be consulted. Since the we were made by the creator,we must not be ashamed to consult him on matters concerning our sexuality.

We must not accept the verdict of our sexual struggles as final. We must challenge them and strive for responsibility in our sexual pursuits. The resultant dignity,peace and wholeness, of a life of sexual integrity should be our goal as we pursue sexual victory. May you succeed.


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  1. A beautiful one Sir,fenks so much 4 d light u’ been sharing on dis topics undiluted.So proud 2 b part of dis family.

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