Sexual Accountancy

It is common for many who get sexually involved to do so motivated by the multidimensional pleasures of the sexual experience. What we seldom consider are the pressures that premarital and extramarital sex introduce into the equation of our lives. While many look at the upside of such sexual escapades, many are wrecked by the downside of their sexual activities. It is the other side of the sexual coin that I intend to consider today, so as to upgrade our sexual intelligences.

  • THE HIGH PRICE OF DIVORCE: Do you realize that sex between unmarried couples can intensify the pain of a heartbreak and multiply the grief of loss. A casual breakup is equal to a divorce emotionally,when the couples were involved sexually. A breakup isn’t meant to be a big deal, if you didn’t give yourself sexually to the one who is leaving you. However, when you have done everything in your power to keep your lover sexually, and they still dump you, the pain knows no bounds. This is why the greatest insurance against extreme pain is to save the sexual dimension of your relationship until marriage.

  • THE HIGH PRICE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPRESSION: Premarital and extramarital sex can be stressful for one psychologically. The fear of pregnancy,the thought of abandonment,the uncertainty of the involvement of other sex partners,the fear of discovery, the inability to live up to the sexual expectations of another, and the possibility of contracting terminal STDs are just a few of the psychological challenges that race through the mind of the sexually active. Such concerns in themselves, can distract a couple from really loving each other. This is because these concerns steal a portion of their heart away from the one they love, and occasionally throws the couple into depression.
  • THE HIGH PRICE OF MARITAL BOREDOM: When you have had sex with the one you married for years before marrying them, there simply isn’t any big deal to sex with them in marriage. Premarital sex steals away the anticipation and excitement of being with someone new in marriage sexually. This can lead to boredom in the marriage, and it can lure your partner into engaging in extramarital sexual escapades. This, to your own hurt. Saving sex for marriage makes you sexually fresh, and not sexually stale. I often joke that many people’s honeymoon is simply “moon” because all of the honey has been exhausted while they were in courtship.
  • THE HIGH PRICE OF HEALTH COMPLICATIONS: Abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, womb evacuations, HIV AIDS, these are some of the few health complications that the sexually active might have to deal with in the course of their sexual careers. One thing is certain, the duration of these sexual complications far exceed the duration of our sexual pleasures. One hour of sexual carelessness can birth a lifetime of health complications.

A sexual accountant is one who knows how to prepare a sexual balance sheet,by weighing the pleasures of premarital and extramarital sex against the pressures of it. Also they consider the assets of sexual involvement, against the liabilities. They weigh the pros and cons before taking any sexual step. They pragmatically answer the question; IS IT WORTH IT? Finally they let the answer to that question, regulate their sexual appetites and involvement. Will you choose to be one today?


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