I Believe In Marriage

87887258_oMarriage is fast loosing it’s popularity in several postmodern societies. In some other societies, a gruesome distortion of this glorious institution is taking place as issues like same sex marriages seem to be taking the centre stage. In this,animals seem to be showing a more advanced sense of judgment than the political elite of certain nations,by reason of the animals pursuit of opposite sex unions rather than same sex unions. Though I am of the opinion that no individual should be ostracized on the grounds of their sexual orientation, a strong sense of right and wrong needs to be fostered in our societies for sexual cum social anarchy not to take us over.In short, the institution of marriage needs to be saved. A strong case for marriage needs to be made before my generation lest marriage goes out of fashion in our days. This is the all important task that this article seeks to accomplish.

  1. MARRIAGE IS THE SAFEST CONTEXT FOR SEXUAL EXPRESSION. The sexual legitimacy that marriage affords us is one of the greatest privileges that marriage offers. I call this no conscience sex. Married couples do not have to undergo the psychological horrors of being publicly discovered,neither do they have to cope with the fear of unwanted pregnancies and all the other emotional angst that those who are involved in premarital sex go through. Provided that both couples are faithful and responsible, the best context for the enjoyment of sex is a fully functioning marriage.

  2. MARRIAGE IS THE SAFEST CONTEXT FOR THE RAISING OF RESPONSIBLE CHILDREN. It is a sociological fact that children raised up in a broken home are more predisposed to exhibiting dysfunctional behavior. One report conducted in a US penitentiary,confirmed that most of their inmates there came from broken families. It is true that I hold single parents in high regard for their decision to keep and nurture their children,in spite of the untold hardships of doing so alone. This however does not change the fact that the greatest honor and privilege you can give to your unborn children is to ensure that they are born into a stable and responsible family.
  3. MARRIAGE IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE CONTEXT FOR COMPANIONSHIP. Loneliness is a global problem. Some even attempt suicide because of their frustration with loneliness. The greatest joy of marriage is the privilege of living with someone for a lifetime who is for you and yours only. When this works out as it ought to,the joy is incomparable. Marriage is both the cure for loneliness and lonesomeness. Lonesomeness is external but loneliness is internal and an ideal marriage is your best chance at overcoming them both.
  4. MARRIAGE IS THE MOST RIGOROUS CONTEXT FOR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Being by yourself doesn’t challenge certain innate faculties that we have in us as human beings. Being alone is one of the ways to personally indulge our selfishness. However when you choose to live with another in the context of marriage, everything within and without you will be challenged. Your patience, love, tolerance, peace will be put to test, by your partner, and this is just to mention but a few. It is in rising to meet the inherent challenges that marriage represents that our character as a whole will be permanently altered for good, provided that you married the right person.
  5. MARRIAGE IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE CONTEXT FOR SOCIETAL DEVELOPMENT. All the failure that we observe in our society are a reflection of the primary failures of our marriages and families. Marriage and family are the most foundational of all human institutions. The earlier we start solving our societal problem through the family, the better for all our societies. Marriage is the most effective contexts for the behavioral transformation of both our children and our societies at large.

This is why I am a firm believer in marriage and its present day relevance. Unfortunately many do not share this optimism about this awesome institution. I will try to highlight why subsequently. In the mean time let all who have made a commitment to maximally impact society by raising dynamic marriages and families realize that they are not alone. I believe in you and I believe in marriage.


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