There is as it were a global squeeze, or pressure on us all to be sexy. Sexy has become this generation’s cool. No doubt, being sexy has a strategic role in the establishment of dynamic marriages that no one can deny. It is the gravity of being sexy outside of marriage that deeply unnerves me.The global pressure for us to be sexy, has ignited a global pursuit of sexiness that is almost approaching insanity.

  1. WHO DEFINES SEXY? The first question we must ask is where did we get our definition of sexy from? Who has the authority to define our sexuality? The media? Entertainment? Society? Friends? Our lover? Who? The fact is that many of us are wrecking our lives by trying to live up to some external iconic definition of sexy. The fat are dying to slim down. The slim are trying to add some flesh. The fair are trying to darken themselves,while the dark are working on bleaching themselves. What we never stop to ask ourselves is, Whose definition of sexy are we trying to live up to anyway? Do they even have the right to mold us into their image? Won’t our personal identity and self esteem be compromised by trying to be someone else so badly? Are these icons happy in their glamorous roles? If they are,are the fulfilled? It is my personal opinion that sexy should be defined first by your creator,secondly by yourself and lastly by your marriage partner. Any other definition is trash worthy.

  2. SO ALL I NEED TO BE SEXY IS TO TAKE OFF MY CLOTHES AND SHOW SOME FLESH? In other words many have come to equate sexiness with nakedness. If this is the case just about anyone who is insane enough to make their private parts public can be regard as sexy. How common! How cheap! How mediocre! I used to think that people of class and sophistication never settled for anything common. What happened to my generation’s sense of refinement and aristocracy? At what point did we loose our savoir faire? Its time we retraced our steps sexually. I don’t know about you,but there is a universal tendency in us all, to keep our most valuable things hidden away from public view, Aren’t we saying our bodies have lost meaning and value to us when we subscribe to indecent exposure? Think!
  3. WON’T BEING SEXY PREDISPOSE US TO SEXUAL EXPLOITERS? If the first thing that strikes me about you is how sexy you are,won’t having sex with you be the primary motive of my interaction with you? True every properly functioning human wants sex,but isn’t it L-O-V-E that we all need? Aren’t we sending conflicting messages when we advertise our bodies to the world around us,and then claim we don’t want them to have a taste of those bodies sexually? One thing is certain, it is very difficult for an initial sexual motive to end up being a strong love motive. There are so many sexual vampires out there,who are looking for the slightest sign of sexiness, in other to make you their prey. Are you going to cooperate with them? Or are you going to incorporate sexual decency and run for your dear life?

This is the summary of the matter. It is time we stop being mindless in our pursuit of sexiness. It is time we stop to think about what this pursuit means for our personal fulfillment beyond the lustful appreciation of onlookers. It is time to realize that it is more honorable to be a heart owner,than a head turner. It is time for decency to be allowed to play a central role in our pursuit of social acceptance. Most of all it is time to realize that those who dress to kill, are most likely to be (sexually) killed by their dressing someday sooner or later. Think!!!

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