Love On Point (1): 12 Love Quote That Changed My Life

  1. If their love for you isn’t being displayed, you are being played

  2. It is not enough for you to be in love, it is important for you to say so
  3. Most ladies need to hear the words I love you from their partner consistently, to exist in a state of emotional equilibrium
  4. What one means to the whole world doesn’t matter if one means nothing to those closest to you
  5. Maturity is the ability to maintain proximity without familiarity
  6. Until you know the one you claim to love you don’t own them
  7. Loving by insight is superior to loving by sight
  8. Loving hard will do you no good if you are not loving smart
  9. Once you are on the receiving end of extreme benevolence the relationship needs to be defined
  10. The only thing worse than choosing a wrong lover is choosing a wrong love mentor
  11. The fact that someone is a public celebrity doesn’t mean that they have to be your personal authority.
  12. Experience is not the best teacher, experience is the costliest teacher

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