4 Things Every Virgin is Missing Out On

No doubt, every virgin is missing out on some things. Where we differ is on the specifics of what they are missing out on. Our contemporary society is quick to taunt virgins for missing out on the fun of sex. Interesting as this may sound, I have come to discover that there are other things virgins miss out on, that our depraved world fails to acknowledge. Today we want to unravel those other things, being missed by virgins, and why fun alone cannot be the primary motive of sexual engagement.


A mere break up can feel as intense as a divorce if one is sexually involved with the deserter. This means that a valid way to minimize the pain of heartbreak is to never have slept with the person at all. I have heard virgin ladies particularly thank God for a partner who disappointed them, simply because they didn’t have sex with him. Sex has a way of multiplying the pain of a broken relationship exponentially and this is one thing authentic virgins a free from.


The words “I missed my period” is every unmarried lover’s nightmare. Once I dealt with a cool, calm and collected lady, who hadn’t seen her period in over two months. Her relaxed demeanour bothered me until she explained the reason for her calmness. In her words, she asserted that she had never been with a man sexually in her life, and the chances of being another virgin mary were quite slim. Contrast this with her sexually active counterparts, they would have been frantically going over calendars, trying to find out when last they saw their period, as well as their last sexual encounter. (What a pity). Oh, such mental torture, turmoil, and torment over a few minutes of stolen pleasures.


The sexual tempo of most relationships in my generation is being sustained by abortion. Abortion promises the youth of my generation sex without supposed consequences. Most wombs in my generation have been vandalized and decapitated by repetitive, abortive, medical procedures. The repetitive use of contraceptives has turned the hormonal cycles of most ladies upside down. Most of these drugs and procedures are applied exclusively to the females, with the males standing by as non-participative onlookers. Won’t the ladies wake up and stop being sexually exploited? Every aborting lady must understand that, if you weren’t there for your babies when they needed you the most, a time may come in your future when the babies won’t be there for you when you need them the most. Gladly virgins miss out on all of this mess.


The chances of getting married to the ones you are sexually involved with are very slim. The kind of partner who insists on premarital sex isn’t the kind of partner who would understand marital commitment. This means that most of us would have to look back at our sexual past with regret as we wonder what we were doing, why we were doing it and where the sexual joker is right now. Most of such seasons are bound to be full of regret when we consider the time, energy and body wasted sexually on people who didn’t give a damn about our future. Fortunate for the virgin, a virgin has no sexual past and there will be nothing to regret.

The question every unmarried sexually active person must ask themselves is this; Is sexual fun worth trading your sanity for? If this fun is going to cost me my peace of mind, the health of my womb, the joy of my memories, my energy, my focus all to mention but a few. Is it worth it all? The virgins on the other hand must realize that they actually have more than they are missing, and they shouldn’t let anyone trick them into trading what they have for sexual fun alone. A word is enough for the wise.


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  1. I am loving this blog already. Where have I been? At last I find someone that shares my passion. May God continually grant you the wisdom required to keep the fire burning. Stay blessed Sir

  2. Beautiful words put together! Ladies need to know these things from their teenage years. Virginity and everything about it, is beautiful!

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