Why Some Men Cheat on their Partners

The first question everyone who has been cheated upon by their partner asks is ‘WHY?’. Why would you do this to me? The second question is ‘HOW?’. How could you do this to me? I will try not to delve into ‘the how’ just yet. I’ll explore some major reasons why most that cheat, do so. Bearing in mind that man is a rational animal, he most certainly has reasons for doing whatever he does. It is important for me to state that I am 100% against cheating, though I can understand why men cheat. Understanding the why of cheating is something every lover must be aware of if they aren’t going to end up hurt.

Understanding these reasons will enable you to take precaution so as not to be the one who triggers the cheating event unknowingly in your relationship. I have also realized that the reason why men cheat is quite different from why women do so.


In reality, most men didn’t set out to cheat for cheating sake. Most of them do it for the excitement or the fun of it. The chances of a long term relationship succumbing to romantic lethargy are very high. There is something in every man that yearns for risks, intrigue, action, suspense and adventure. If most men can’t find those factors within, they generally look for it without. Particularly if they lack a sound spiritual and moral compass. The implication for ladies is that they must in a chameleonic sense, keep reinventing themselves and the way they love to ensure that those exciting factors can be found in their relationship. At this point, I need to let religious ladies understand that prayer and spiritual gymnastics alone won’t win your man back. It takes the enticement of excitement to win him back.


The second reason why men cheat is because of conflicts with their partners. The danger of conflicts is that, one begins to look for peaceful alternatives. Most men are addicted to peace and rest of mind and if they can’t find it within, it tempts them without. One writer insists that it is better to dwell on a rooftop than with a cantankerous and contentious woman. The problem with being on the rooftops of life is that you are susceptible to the Bathshebas and the Rababs of this world. This means that every lady must develop the competence of peacefulness, in other to preserve her man.


It isn’t uncommon to see wives who view sex as a weapon of war. Recently I encountered a prophetess who claimed to be on a 3year fast,in which she was mandated by her so called god to abstain from sexual relations with her husband. Such extremes are bound to trigger off affairs because few men can live with such folly. Sexual intercourse is the principal of all marital liberties. To deny your husband of it for whatever reason is courting trouble indirectly. One thing everyone depriving their husband must realize is that you aren’t the only one who has what you are hoarding around him. Be careful please.


Some men are actually akin to dogs. Nothing in skirts pass them by, without them partaking of it. Such people regard no principle or ethics when it comes to the pursuit of ladies. Their only predominant priority is the pursuit of pleasure, nothing more nothing less. The more they yield to their basest lusts, the more their personal infrastructure of self-control is destroyed. Once you notice the man you are with is such a person, the wisest decision you can make is to run for your life and safety.


Some well-meaning men on the other hand do not set out to cheat. Most of them mismanaged access to the opposite sex and ended up crossing emotional lines they never intended to. The sincere among such men quickly acknowledge their error and decisively put structures in place to thwart future occurrences. The female disposition to this group should be one of forgiveness and restoration, provided that they are genuinely remorseful. These are not all the reasons. But you will do well to research this subject and take appropriate steps not to become a victim of the numerous cheaters in our generation.


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  1. hey just messaging back after the ping and I have read this well written article. Indeed the high register left me a little insecure in my own writing, but I must commend you on the piece and how you linked it to Christianity. That is indeed the way forward…please do hit me up and perhaps future topics that maybe we can discuss and log about.

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