Bad Love Fuels

Love is not a mystery. You can’t get out of your love life, what you didn’t put into it. Many have great expectations for their love lives. However, some of our great expectations are not backed up with the accurate investments that can bring them to pass. Your love life will “run on” what you “put into” it. Those of us who drive understand first hand, the danger of introducing bad fuels into our automobile engines. Such fuels could completely damage the engines beyond repair. Similarly, introducing the wrong fuels into our love lives could wreck our love lives beyond repair. Let’s turn to some of these bad fuels.


Too many relationships have been destroyed by temper problems. Some have even used their hands to destroy lives and property in anger, only to deeply regret their actions when their heads got clearer. The danger of an anger-run relationship is that emotions, not people are in charge of such relationships. The other challenge of being an angry lover is that the softer partner, in a bid to avoid their partner’s anger will begin to suppress too much of themselves to the point of losing themselves in the relationship altogether. A relationship isn’t worth it without the freedom to be yourself.


The major challenge of a sex-fueled relationship is the temporary nature of our sexual highs. No one can have sex forever. There are sexual climaxes and sexual lows. To base our relationship on something as fickle as sex is to submit our love lives to the vicious vicissitudes of this global activity. Please I am not underestimating the power of sex in a marital union, however, even in that glorious institution, it takes more than just sex to make a marriage great.


There seems to be a brand of lovers who thrive on always having something to fight about. They bicker, complain, nag, accuse and vilify their partner on every possible matter. They are never satisfied with whatever their lover does. Extensive exposure to this kind of people will decimate your self-esteem and leave you doubting yourself. My candid advice to such cantankerous individuals is to stay single if the only reason they got involved is to have someone to pick on. None of us is perfect, neither is it fair to demand perfection from those we love.


Everyone hates it, so why do we do it? No doubt some people have made indelible marks on our lives that we can never forget. However, if we aren’t given the privilege of being in a relationship with them, it is unfair to use them as yardsticks of accomplishment in the lives of those we are with. It doesn’t matter if the person is a mother, father, uncle, aunt or ex-partner. Everyone is unique and should be dealt with uniquely without being compared to anyone else. In reality, some of those we are making the yardsticks of comparison isn’t even available for us, so we should just get over it. Case in point no matter how much I love my mum, she can’t be a wife to me. So we should outgrow such immature tendencies. I am out of word count for the day. I will elaborate on these issues tomorrow. Endeavour to answer this question before then. Am I fueling my love life with the right materials or not?


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