12 Love Ideas You Need to Know

  1. The root of great faith is great love
  2. It is unfair to demand of your partner, something you are not.
  3. Calling right wrong, and calling wrong right is an element of insanity.
  4. There is dignity and nobility in virginity.
  5. None of us can change our histories but we all can rewrite our destinies.
  6. The past is the past.
  7. Observation is the food of reflection
  8. Our actions always tend to catch up with our thoughts. Think right.
  9. In love, what is not defined can be denied.
  10. All claims of love at first sight is actually lust at first sight
  11. The ultimate expression of love is faith and belief in a particular individual.
  12. Believing is the highest honour you can bestow upon an individual.


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