Why You Must be Attractive

Attraction is important and very essential to the love process. Attraction always comes before experience. Who or what you fail to attract, you can not experience. Over the next few days, I want to focus on the science of attraction. In a world where there are few love opportunities to go round, to not understand how to be attractive is to be left out of the love equations of life. Let’s share a few reasons why attraction is crucial to the love process.


As far back as the garden of Eden, Eve’s decision for the fruit was driven by the fact that it was pleasant to her eyes. Except you develop enough attractiveness, people might pass you over in crucial decisions. This is just the way humans are. Men particularly are primarily driven by their attraction for women, it is an irony that it isn’t sometimes the best of women that get chosen, it is the most attractive of women that get chosen.


One ancient writer hit the nail on the head when he said: “my eyes affected my heart”. What he meant is that what our eyes see, stands the greatest chance of affecting our hearts. You would most likely have to get through the eyes to get to the heart. Conversely, it means that if you cannot capture the eyes, you might not be able to capture the heart. This is also proven by psychological research. It has been discovered that the portion of our brain that responds to images is over a thousand times larger than the part of us that responds to sounds.


It is unfortunate that many religions promote an anti attractiveness mindset. In their opinion, anything attractive is termed worldly. They seem to believe that the more attractive you are, the less spiritual you are and the less attractive you are, the more spiritual you would be. I beg to disagree. I have met loads of spiritual but attractive people, and I have also met some unattractive and nonspiritual people. I am of the opinion that there is no need to sacrifice your attractiveness for the sake of spirituality because the one most of us worship is regarded as “the fairest among the thousands” and our ultimate home is infinitely more beautiful than this place. So we had better get used to the idea of beauty here and now.


We are naturally passionate about the things we are attracted to and passive about the things we aren’t attracted to. Attractiveness unlocks our passions. This is a crucial lesson in a marriage that many are missing out on. Years ago I decided to visit a thriving, young and vibrant businessman, but he had travelled out of his station for a business trip, I met his wife and was shocked because she was looking so tattered and haggard that she could have passed for a neglected housemaid. She was so occupied with taking care of the children and house chores, that she had lost her sense of attractiveness. It wasn’t a long while before the husband started cheating on her. Tragic as it sounds, the fact is that attractiveness fuels passion and passion fuels our pursuit.


Attention is the scarcest resource in our fast-paced world. So many things are competing for our attraction at the same time. Those who are not attractive won’t even get to be noticed, and if you can’t get noticed you can’t get anything else. I am not saying we should begin to do crazy things like dressing half-naked just to get attention. That in itself is counterproductive because it will attract the wrong kind of people into your life. You must however know how to stand out from the crowd ethically in other to maximize the love opportunities that life has for you.

Tomorrow I will focus on exactly how you can boost your attractiveness to take advantage of all that life has for you. Remember, never undermine the role that attraction plays in our human relationships. To do so is to have committed emotional suicide.


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