12 Radical Ideas for Contemporary Lovers

  1. For your love to live, your ego has to die.
  2. It is wisdom to clarify the when of your marriage before beginning your courtship.
  3. The primal solutions to sexual promiscuity are long friendships, short courtships and early marriages.
  4. Condoms won’t protect you from heartbreak.
  5. It is folly to value the protection of your genitals over the protection of your heart and mind.
  6. Condoms won’t protect you from expiration.
  7. Condoms won’t protect you from being replaced
  8. The violation of our personal consciences is what produces guilt, and guilt is the mother of low self-esteem.
  9. To succeed in love, you must have made abstinence a competence.
  10. Abstinence can not be learned in marriage, it is better developed during courtship.
  11. Humans are addicted to simplicity and averse to complexity
  12. It is really difficult to please anybody who doesn’t know what pleases them.


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