How to be Attractive

Everyone is attractive in their own way, but not everyone knows how to make the most of the body they have been given by the creator. Today we intend to cover some practical tips that will enhance your attractiveness in a love scenario. Understanding how to be attractive, and applying that understanding will greatly enhance your chances at finding and maintaining your lover.


True everyone of us is attractive in our own way, but not every part of our bodies are equally as attractive as we would want them to be. It seems to me that to keep us from pride, the creator has incorporated certain deficiencies into our anatomy. Perhaps the Biblical Lucifer, who was perfect in beauty and his fall to pride, might have made the creator decide to limit the perfection in man’s beauty. Be that as it may, the starting point of becoming attractive is to take an anatomical inventory of your body. Knowing what you already have in beauty and celebrating it gloriously.


No matter how beautiful or handsome we claim to be, there is always an aspect of our anatomy that, if given a divine option, we would have loved to change. This could range from our height, our size, our face and so on. Our lack of comfort with these less glamorous parts of our body stems out of our personal opinion that they contribute in some way to our ugliness. Whether this opinion is accurate or not, is not my contemplation today. It is however a sociological fact that most human beings will struggle with accepting the beauty of some of their body parts in their lifetime.


There is something about personal insecurity regarding our bodies that contributes to our ugliness. When we become too self-conscious of our anatomical deficiencies, it robs us of our sense of beauty and self-confidence. On the other hand, average looking people who carry what they have, and what they lack, with an air of self-confidence look more attractive than their timid counterparts who are more endowed. As you will discover later, self-confidence is a major component of attractiveness. What I have long discovered is that there is no universally accepted, standard definition of beauty. The definition of beauty varies from one person to another. In my book Managing Your Sexuality, I postulated that our prayer shouldn’t be God change my body, but rather it should be God, connect me with those individuals for whom, I am their perfect definition of beauty. Never be intimidated by models and beauty pageants, there is someone for you.


The purpose of fashion is to compensate for our anatomical deficiencies. Clothes are meant to give us a second shot at being beautiful. This is why those who don’t know how to dress are committing attractional suicide. Add inappropriate behaviour to a poor dress sense and you are ‘attractionally’ dead beyond redemption. For instance, if you are fat, putting on tight things will make a mockery of your anatomy. If you are slim, putting on bogus things is making yourself ridiculous. In the final analysis, you don’t choose what you wear, your body makes that choice for you. It is interesting that when Adam and Eve lost glory and beauty, an appropriate dressing was the first divine compensation. Hence in another place, the creator postulated that garments were to be for the glory and for beauty.


Use your strengths. Of course, I am not advocating that you dress half naked to promote your strengths. Such an action is a mindless return to a 6000-year old Pre-Adamic fashion dynamics. It’s hardly cool to be indecently exposed, it antiquated in its orientation. What we are advocating is adopting both fashion and posture that bests projects your strengths to those you interact with.

Just about anyone who knows what to do can be attractive. Those who are single and ready to mingle must make attractiveness a competence. Those who are already in a relationship must keep being attractive,in other to not arrive at the expiration date of their love lives. Tomorrow we unravel the thin line between HOT and HURT. Don’t miss it for anything.


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