Why Some Ladies Cheat on their Partners

Previously, I gave a hint that ladies rationale for cheating is quite different from that of men. Every man must take time to understand the compelling factors that could make a lady violate the boundaries of her commitment to him. He must then avoid those conditions like a plague in his relationship with her so as to give their love life the much-needed stability. Here are some of those reasons.


Most men do not understand how important security is to a woman. In fact, most men have been taught to never make a woman feel too secure, else they take you for granted. The reality, however, is that one of the biggest yearnings of the female soul is security and certainty. Almost every woman longs for an island of certainty in our overwhelming ocean of uncertainty. This is why most women gravitate in the direction of security no matter the commitment they had prior to finding it. This security could be material, financial, emotional or physical in nature. Men who want to forestall this reality must deliberately make their relationship a bastion of security for it to last.


Most ladies are creatures of love and romance by nature. Their choice of entertainment often reveals this yearning in them. Most are addicted to romance literature and entertainment because it is one of the ways they feed that longing in them, through the stories of others. Unfortunately, love and romance don’t come easy for us men because we are more rational than emotional. Rational as we may be, we must defer to this nature of theirs by being masters of romance and love continuously. If we refuse to do so, they might be swept off their feet beyond recovery by guys who fulfil this longing in them, to our disadvantage.


Ladies whose material and financial needs aren’t being met are susceptible to cheating. I am not saying material and financial lack should be an alibi for cheating, but the overwhelming reality suggests to us that material and financial gain are at the root of most illegitimate affairs. A while ago I postulated that the beauty of a woman lies in her submission, while the handsomeness of a man lies in his provision. Most women find a providing man very attractive, particularly if the man they are with is not a provider. The implication of this for men is that the must do everything within legitimate grounds to provide for the love of their life, else things may get messy.


Most ladies struggle deeply with a sense of not being fully appreciated for their efforts in a relationship. Somewhere within us as men we subconsciously believe that appreciating a woman will feed her pride and make her head swell. The reality is that appreciation and gratitude makes a man more attractive to his woman. The mystery of appreciation is that it feeds a woman’s sense of value and importance. Without it, she is susceptible to manifestations of it without.


It is sad to acknowledge that there is a kind of woman who has no reason for cheating other than the fact that she is used to doing so. I have met with ladies who are so weak that they can’t say no to anyone who asks them out. For some, it is a weakness that is sexual in nature. For others, it is just about the thrill. The danger with this kind of people is that their misbehaviour isn’t based on any deficiency in their love life. I have met husbands who have genuinely loved their wives but whose wives still go ahead to cheat on them. This is the oxymoron of the matter. A man’s only defence against this malady is to only choose a lady of sound moral character and values to settle down with.

The bottom line is that a woman is most susceptible to cheating when her primary needs are not being met in her relationship. This should be the man’s greatest impetus for discovering what those needs are in detail. He must then devote all the resources at his disposal towards meeting those needs.


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