Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

Having performed a love x-ray on your love life by asking the right questions about the relationship and analyzing the vital signs you are seeing in it, the next step is the courage to act upon the information that you have gathered. There is a global misconception in our society as to the nature of love. It is that many see love as something to be done with the heart alone (visceral). Most people believe that love isn’t meant to make sense, so they simply go with whatever their heart is telling them in spite of what their mind is telling them. This is the cardinal reason for most of the love mistakes experienced by individuals in our generation.

All those who isolate their minds and insulate their spirits from all love decisions will always end up confounded. I believe the human mind and spirit must be heavily involved in our love decisions principally because both the mind and spirit are negatively impacted whenever love fails.

A new day and age are upon us. It is the day of the INTELLIGENT LOVER. It is the day of not just loving hard but loving smart. The intelligent lover does not deny the role of the heart in love, rather they subject the desires of the heart to the analysis of the mind as well as the inquisition of the spirit in all matters of love. The intelligent lover acknowledges that the heart of man is deceitful above all things, as such, they filter what they feel for another through what the mind thinks and what the spirit perceives before committing wholeheartedly to anything or anyone.

There are three attributes of the INTELLIGENT LOVER. The first is ENLIGHTENMENT, the second is MEASUREMENT and the third is JUDGEMENT. Let us explore the three characteristics in greater detail.

  • Enlightenment means that the enlightened lover is knowledge-driven. They are not as moved by what they feel as much as they are moved by what they know. They are a breed of lovers who will not allow the heart to lead them in a direction that their mind has not permitted. The enlightened lover possesses 3dimensional knowledge. First, they know who they are. This is crucial because until you know who you are, you can’t know what you need. Secondly, they know what they feel. In other words, every feeling in your heart for another is not necessarily love. I once was studying a greek and Hebrew text of the bible only to realize that there were over 20 greek and Hebrew words for love. All highlighting a unique aspect of the virtue. This made me tell people to always ask for clarification when told the magic word”I LOVE YOU”. If a person says I love you, I will respond by giving them multiple-choice questions. Do you mean love, lust, like, infatuation, admiration, appreciation, obsession and so on? This is why an intelligent lover doesn’t rush to put the label of love on whatever they feel until they are v-e-r-y s-u-r-e of it.
  • Measurement. They believe that love is measurable. They believe that love has height, depth, breadth and length. As such they are committed to measuring both what they feel as well as what others claim to feel for them. They also believe that love can be proven and tested. An intelligent lover will test all things and only hold fast to that which they have proven to be true.
  • Judgment. On the basis of their enlightenment and measurement, an enlightened lover doesn’t shy away from taking decisions. Most enlightened lovers won’t hesitate to send you out of their personal gardens of Eden if they have found you unworthy of such privilege. I am firmly convinced that most love problems are not problems in themselves. They are simply decisions waiting to be taken by a partner with courage.

Why do fools fall in love? I don’t know but one thing I do know is why they fail in love. They fail in love because they fail to exercise the dual faculties of their mind and spirit in matters of the heart. Don’t be one. Welcome to the new love order, welcome to the era of the intelligent lover. Take your place among us.


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