theme_relationshipsAll humans are social creatures by design. From the point at which the creator remarked that “it is not good for man to be alone”,we have woken up to our inherent need for companionship. Due to relationship disappointments at times,we may try to deny this need externally, but the gnawing void and loneliness internally, persistently reminds us that we were made for relationship with one another.Our inherent need for a thing however, doesn’t necessarily mean that we automatically know how to make the most of it,if given the privilege of possession. The fact that you need a car, doesn’t necessarily confer upon you the wisdom to handle a car, if given one. Similarly our need for companionship and relationship doesn’t mean we automatically are endowed with the competence to succeed with them. Those who only come to the relationship table with needs, devoid of relationship skills, wisdom and understanding are bound to make a mess of everything.

It is this global void that this writing seeks to fill. It is a strategic attempt to educate humanity about the several kinds of relationships that are bound to fail. Understanding them will save many lovers,time energy and resources wasted in counterfeit relationships that are going nowhere. The starting point of course is to intimate you with some of the strategic value of excellent relationships. This will of course wet your appetite for involvement in them. It will also reveal to you the ideal value that you can expect from a fully functional relationship. This will also help you recognize the fabulous fakes that are parading themselves as real.

  • Excellent relationships are meant to have a CELEBRATIVE effect on us. As iron sharpens iron, a man is meant to sharpen the countenance of his friend. This means that you are as bright as your companions, and as dull as your companions. Notice that it reveals the impact that friends can have on your countenance or your moods. It is safe for me to say that every depression problem is an association problem. The right relationships have a depression dispelling effect on our countenance. It is wise therefore to choose your association carefully, for the sake of maintaining a healthy mood.

  • Excellent relationships are meant to enhance our PENETRATIVE impact in life. In other words,the right associations are those that sharpens us or give us an edge in life. This is done sometimes through knowledge sharing,sincere confrontation,and the strategic evaluation of each other holistically. If your axe is blunt, and you do not sharpen the edge,then must you put in more strength to get the job done. Notice that the way you sharpen your edge in life is by exercising wisdom and discretion in your choice of relationships.
  • Excellent relationships have a PRESERVATIVE impact on us. The right relationships will not only give you the cutting edge in life, They will save your strength or energy, as well as your time, because of the edge that they bring. This means of course that you can’t call a time waster and an energy drainer you friend in anyway because true friends enhance your edge in life. They have a sharpening effect on your life. One ancient writer affirms that “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall,one will lift up his companion. But woe to him that is alone when he falls,for he has no one to help him up. Again if two lie down together,they will keep warm but how can one be warm alone. Though one may be overpowered by another two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.
  • Excellent relationships also have a MULTIPLICATIVE effect on our efforts and impact. They afford us the privilege of exponential results. What the writer calls better results are simply exponential results. When one chases a thousand two would put ten thousand to flight,Notice that if one chases a 1000, arithmetically speaking,two should put 2,000 to flight but no. Two actually put 10,000 to flight, 5times the arithmetic projection. What this means is that the impact of right associations in our life is geometric and not arithmetic. This conversely means that those who lack competence in relationships are doomed to only have arithmetic results all the days of their lives.
  • Excellent relationships are also RESTORATIVE in nature. We all do not hope for a fall in life,but the greatest tragedy in life is not to fall. It is to fall and have no helper to raise you up again. Many know the bitterness of such predicaments. This is why no matter how long standing we have been,we must invest in credible relationships that will be able to raise us up in the time of need.
  • Excellent relationships also have a REGULATORY impact on our environment. Sometimes the realities of our environment can be very harsh. Without protection from the environment, many of us will not make it to our destinies. This is why excellent relationships serve as a buffer from our environment. This is done by creating a conducive internal environment for us,in spite of the harshness externally. If it is cold out there, real friends can make it warm in here. If on the other hand it is hot out there,true friendships can make it warm in here. This is why we must not only judge a relationship by the feelings it precipitates,but also by the atmosphere it generates.
  • Excellent relationships also have a RESISTIVE effect on your oppositions. Who and what is against you, doesn’t matter as much as who is with you. Most opposition fades away in the face of loyal and dedicated companionships. With real friends or relationships we can overcome almost any challenge that life throws at us.

This is why isolation isn’t a virtue,once we understand the value of strategic relationships. In this new year,we must be deliberate and intentional in the pursuit of the right relationships. We must also be ruthless in the termination of retrogressive relationships. Only then will we maximize our potential and actualize the destiny that the creator intended for us. Do have a remarkable weekend.

Deji Olabode
Love Dynamics Global
Enthronement Assembly Lagos
@lovedynamix on twitter.
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