The Thin Line between Hot and Hurt

There is a thin line between dressing hot and getting hurt. Many people cross that line in their bid to be extremely attractive. By hot I mean the societal tendency in us to inspire an element of lust and sex appeal through our appearances, in other to grab the attention of onlookers. Those who view the essence of fashion as being sexually hot, go about accomplishing their objective by revealing portions of their sexual organs or subtly projecting their sexuality on those around them. The entire idea is to be sexy about what one wears since we all have a minor or major weakness for naked flesh.


No doubt our marriages are meant to be sexually hot. Take away the element of sex appeal in our marriages and what you have are pure platonic friendships. Marriage is meant to be more, and I believe that for our marriages to work we all should appear to our spouses as sexy as we can be, provided that our spouses are the sole focus of our hot gestures. So in this sense dressing hot at least for your life long lover, is highly encouraged.


What is counterproductive is dressing to kill everyone you come across on the way. I have seen some business executives appear so sexy that the customer couldn’t focus on the product or service they seem to be advocating. It is this generic, misdirected and purpose-less kind of hot that we refute.


Psychological Distraction

Firstly, dressing hot is a psychological distraction. The person you meet no longer focuses on you because they are overwhelmed with how sexy you are. Once I saw a video trending on youtube, where a female preacher was preaching a passionate gospel with her breasts hanging out. One thing is certain, most men didn’t hear a word of what she was saying, they were too busy feasting on her voluptuous anatomy.

Wrong Motives

Secondly, dressing hot gives those that you attract a wrong motive for coming to you. If what strikes your onlookers about you is your sex appeal, you can be sure that their motive and motivation for coming will be sex, sex and more sex. Most sex-driven relationships begin this way, the downside is that once they’ve seen it all, the logical step will be for them to have it all, and after that end it all. If you are the kind of person that leaves nothing to the imagination of your onlookers, be certain that the content of their imagination won’t be good.

Atrraction to Lusters

Thirdly, dressing hot is likely to attract lusters and not lovers to you. Lust can never last. Few will associate the kind of bad people they attract, with their dress sense but there is a direct correlation. There is the kind of dressing someone who wants commitment from you will appreciate. It is different from the kind of dressing someone who wants to get in and get out will appreciate. We must be careful not to send off the wrong signals. Just like vampires thrive on blood, lusters thrive on indecent exposure.

Predisposition to ‘Hurters’

Finally, the kind of people who are most pleased with sexually hot public appearances are the kind of people who will hurt you once they find someone hotter than you. No one can be the hottest dresser, I don’t care what the media says, there is always going to be someone sexually hotter than you, if such fickle things are what impresses your lover, you are in trouble. The relationship will be insecure. It is true that we must not neglect our appearance but the most attractive part of us should not be our bodies, it should be our spirits.

Decency is common sense.


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