12 Vital Love Insights

  1. Those who dodge opportunities to serve are bound to miss opportunities to lead.
  2. The starting point of becoming attractive is to take an anatomical inventory of your body.
  3. Self-confidence is a major component of attractiveness.
  4. Your prayer shouldn’t be for God to upgrade your beauty, rather it is that God should connect you with the individual for whom you are their perfect definition of beauty.
  5. The purpose of fashion is to compensate for our anatomical deficiencies.
  6. Those who don’t know how to dress are committing attractional suicide.
  7. You don’t choose what you wear, your body is to make that choice for you.
  8. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best of ladies that get chosen, it’s the most attractive of them.
  9. If you cannot capture their eyes, you might have lost their heart. The eyes affect the heart.
  10. There is no point in sacrificing your attractiveness because of your spirituality. You can have both.
  11. Attraction fuels passion, passion fuels our pursuits.
  12. If you can’t get noticed, you can’t get chosen.


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