3 Sex Solutions

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Sex is pervasive in our generation. A great deal of the relationships in our day are based solely on sexual exploitation. This hasn’t helped both the quality and longevity of our love lives much. Unfortunately, most of us have adopted “A THOU SHALL NOT” approach to the malaise of sexual promiscuity, but it isn’t working. Just telling a person to stop doing something they enjoy doing isn’t a good strategy for behavioural modification. We must also give them compelling reasons why not to do it, as well as letting them know how to do it legitimately.

Over the years, as I have meditated on how to solve the problem of sexual promiscuity in my day, I have come up with a few solutions that will help us at least surmount these sexual challenges. Some of them are:


There is a correlation between how long courtship is and its propensity for sexual expression. By short courtship, I actually mean the duration of six months to a maximum of two years. The risks of illegitimate sexual involvement increase significantly after two years. This also means that it is wise to consult the date of your marriage to determine when its time to go into courtship. It has been my observation that the highest occurrence of abortion takes place in long courtships, where people want to enjoy the sexual privileges of marriage without actually getting married. Some have had up to three or more abortions, only not to now marry the one they aborted for. How sad.


Since marriage is the legitimate context of sexual expression, we must not only tell people not to be sexually promiscuous, we must make it easy for people to get married, by removing every marital bottleneck. Unfortunately, getting married in Africa particularly is very hard, so many rather choose the option of full-scale fornication. Some of these barriers could be financial, psychological or cultural in nature. I believe that the primal condition for marriage, for matured couples should be “Can these two people take care of each other responsibly? If they can, no institution, legal, spiritual, familial or cultural should stop them from marrying. If we hold them back, we would have ourselves to blame for the sexual fall out of such restraints. Individuals who are ripe for marriage, on the other hand, shouldn’t feel the need to have it all together before they marry, rather they should see marriage as a place of mutual growth and take the leap.


Sexual gravity is the practical downside of sexual involvement. No one needs to be educated about the pleasures of sex. As soon as we reach puberty, the motions of sexual reality begin to work in us. What we need to know are the short and long term costs of indulging in our sexual desires. They include abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, a great sense of loss and heartbreak, if we eventually don’t marry the person, all to mention but a few. Indoctrination of people about the consequences of sexual irresponsibility is likely to aid responsibility in sexual decision making.

Sexual promiscuity is an ongoing, ever-evolving challenge in our generation. The strategies to deal with it must also be ongoing and ever-evolving. The insistence on long friendships, short courtships, early marriages and the education of people about the gravity of sex, will greatly regulate the spread of sexual promiscuity in our day.


3 thoughts on “3 Sex Solutions

  1. God bless you sir. I wish every youth and parents will read this. I have always believed in short courtship but the african system is so hypocrital. They design a whole ceremony that is meant to glorify the family, yet many of these couple hav lost der dignity in illicit sex a long time ago. I pray we become wiser in this area.

  2. Truths shared here are really scarce to come by,I must confess Sir,that you are a Saviour to this Generation

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