4 Kinds of Ladies Worth Losing

Not all ladies are worth keeping or fighting for. I must confess that there is a kind of lady whose exit from your life should be celebrated with a party. Her presence in a man’s life has a reversing impact on his life and destiny. Every forward-thinking and forward-moving man should know their type and avoid them like a plague. Let’s delve into who they are.


Such a woman’s primary loyalty is to the acquisition of material things. She views her relationship as a source of income and material things. She is primarily exploitative in orientation and will do anything to get what she wants. Her love for any man is a means to a material end and not an end in itself. She lives out her agenda by placing endless demands and pressure on her man to acquire things. She is incapable of loving anyone other than her self and her things. She also is notorious for prioritizing her wants over her needs. You will recognize her because she is only happy so long as she is on the getting side of the relationship. Her demands on the relationship aren’t determined by her genuine needs but by what is in vogue. She is a slave of societal trends rather than a leader of it. If you are with such a person, happy is the day she leaves your life and if she isn’t leaving, her exit should be personally facilitated.


Her king is pleasure. She would do anything to have it and would receive it from whoever is offering it. Her self control is practically non-existent. Her ability to say no to lustful exploitation is at an all-time low. She is like a car to which every man has a key. Her body has graced the bed of countless lustful men in the past and I am afraid, will grace several in future. She is sexually impulsive and no man needs to pay the high price of commitment to ravage her sexuality. Just a call, a touch, a message, a visit or a text will make her sexually available. Her sexual organs are like a keyless safe accessible to anyone who slightly bids for them. When Sherry Argov postulated that men love to marry bitches in her best selling book, I want to believe she missed the word “exclusive”. True most men treasure sexual agility and vitality in their wives but it becomes a curse when she is sexually available to every guy on the streets. Man if such a woman will not leave you alone, at least you can run from her.


There is a kind of woman who has neither regard for man or God. The idea of established authority is strange to her. Her ultimate goal is to be her own “MASTER”. She is a rebel against any and every form of legitimate authority. Such a woman is also characterized by extreme stubbornness and chronic arrogance. Humorously, she is only pleased with the woman on top positions of life as a whole. She frowns at any effort to make her accountable for her actions, decisions and direction. Such women are only content with men who will let them have their way, no matter where that way leads to. I am entirely against the idea of female suppression, oppression or subjugation. Neither do I believe men should be subjected to the same. If by female liberation, we mean the taking away of every barrier to female actualization, I am for it. But if by it we mean rebellion against all forms of male leadership in society I am against it. Authority should always be a function of competence and it doesn’t matter to me if the source of that competence is male or female. Men beware of the brand of women who no one can speak to and who has no regard for the order and structure of society. Nothing good can come out of her.


She is the kind of woman who lacks enough sense to take care of her primary responsibilities. There is such a thing also as responsible irresponsibility. Most well-meaning professionals are guilty of this. They are the ones who will build a career at the expense of their family. One of the reasons why most career-driven ladies have cheating husbands is because they don’t take care of their primary business, so someone else does. Of course, we believe in an equal right to professional actualization for females as well as males, but a balance must be sought and compromises must be made. There is also the woman who can’t seem to do anything well for herself, she requires a man to do even the mundane of things for her. Such women are both a burden and a distraction for the fulfilment of your potential. As busy as Margaret Thatcher was, it was said she still took time to make her family breakfast. Real women take care of business and real men settle for such.

Once again not every woman is worth having. Neither is every one of them worth keeping. One must be objective about the value that our female affiliations bring to the table and be decisive about its implications for your future together. Be wise.


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