12 Love Insights None Can Deny

  1. What you entertain in life will determine what you are able to attain.
  2. The consequences of illegitimate sex can be delayed, but it can not be denied.
  3. Abortion is the sexual holocaust of our time.
  4. Our world is quick to recognize genocide on a societal level but slow to recognize it at the foetal level.
  5. The greatest antidote to a wayward life is the early discovery of a sense of purpose
  6. The facts will always outlast the feelings.
  7. Those who abort must realize that if you are not there for your babies when they need you the most, a time may come in the future when the babies won’t be there for you when you need them the most.
  8. Delayed gratification is enhanced gratification.
  9. A mere breakup can feel as painful as a divorce if one is sexually involved with the deserter.
  10. The kind of partner who insists on premarital sex is not likely to be the kind of partner that understands marital commitment.
  11. When you save peoples time, you are indirectly saving their life.
  12. What you respect, you will attract. ~ Mike Murdock.


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