The Metamorphosis of Love

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Real love is never sudden in nature. It always has a process and a procedure. Those who ignore the valid process of love, and favour a shortcut to their destination in love always end up creating a problem rather than a solution. The microwave approach to love never works. This of course is why I do not believe in love at first sight. Most of such claims are actually lust at first sight. So today let’s attempt to unveil the step by step process that lasting love passes through:


The journey to love actually begins when a person becomes aware of your existence and takes notice of you. This is vital because maintaining anonymity will rob you of your prospects in love. Anything that will legitimately enhance your visibility will enhance your love chances. I have often wondered why the extremely conservative ones are often the ones left behind in life’s love equation. The logical reason is that most of them are too passive to be noticed. Getting noticed could be achieved by dressing sharp, speaking out, and having a cheerful disposition among other things.


The second stage in love is the acquaintance. Many people also blow it at this phase, because of their poor social skills and emotional intelligence turns off prospective lovers. This is why I often recommend Dale Carnegie‘s How to win friends and influence people as a must-read for all singles aspiring to be in love. Except a love prospect enjoys your company significantly, they aren’t likely to take things to the next level in love.


The third stage is when the person begins to have a genuine appreciation not just for how you look but who you are as a person. At this phase, your attitude and demeanour begin to arrest the attention of your love prospect. There is also a budding desire in them to possess you and make you their own. This desire might not be voiced but it begins to grow. Your responsibility at this phase is to coax and nurture that budding desire in them to a firm relational conclusion.


In the fourth phase, each party begins to believe in each other and in the fact that they are meant to be with each other. The ultimate expression of love is faith and belief in a particular individual. This is why in our relationship with the creator, nothing we attempt to do for him counts if we don’t first believe in him. Believing is the highest honour you can bestow upon an individual. This is why there is no point in launching a relationship with someone who doesn’t believe in you. Believing in you is one thing, but also believing you is another. What works is settling for a person who both believes in you, believes you and believes in your union. Until you find that person it is best you stay single.

I am out of time and will keep on expounding on this subject tomorrow. Remember that no short cut to love is worth taking. Those whose love lives undergo the due process in love are bound to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Make it a date with me tomorrow. I deeply appreciate you.


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