Sexual Super Heroes

It is important for me to state clearly beforehand, that I am a firm believer in the legitimacy of sex within the confines of the marriage institution. I have also taught that marriage is the safest context of sexual engagement. Owing to these I personally frown at all forms of sexual involvement outside the marriage institution. It is however realistic for me to acknowledge that in spite of what we believe, some individuals will continue to have sex without marriage, no matter what we believe or not. Unfortunate as this may be, what I want to deal with today is the subject of how we handle the consequence of our sexual involvement.


In many cases, the brand of sex that flourishes in our society is a brand that believes in the pleasures of sex, without the consequences of sex. Sex has consequences no matter how hard we try to deny it. We can attempt to muzzle the consequences of sex by engaging in abortion, but one thing we can not do is to muzzle the guilt of murdering an innocent child, just because we couldn’t discipline our sexual appetites. This is unfortunate. The consequences of sex can be delayed, but it can not be denied.


I personally consider abortion to be the sexual holocaust of our times. More innocent children have been killed by our sexual promiscuity, than by all the wars put together. Our world is quick to recognize genocide on a societal level, but not at the foetal level, yet silently generations unborn are being murdered by us and few are acknowledging it. Most of those who indulge in illegitimate sex eventually end up becoming serial mass murderers by reason of abortion. The fact that the murdered babies cannot speak for themselves, doesn’t mean that their voice doesn’t echo against us in the eternal courts of justice.


It is somewhat oxymoronic that most of us who advocate for the end of abortion are also the ones who look down on single parents. The fact, however, is that if it is wrong for people to abort their babies, they will have to give birth to them somehow. I call the single parents of our time, the real sexual heroes, and I believe they are worthy of celebration, not for their sexual indulgence, but for their decision to keep their babies. In most cases, single parents struggle with finding someone to marry because most people are looking for someone without a conspicuous sexual history to settle for. That is sad, I believe that single parents have the right to love and marriage like everyone else. In fact, they should be honoured for choosing to save a life.


Single parents, I celebrate you. You were not the only ones who got pregnant or impregnated someone. You are the ones who were honourable enough to keep it. I celebrate you because, for a fraction of the stress and resources you invested in nurturing your child, you could have aborted them, but you chose to walk the path of honour. You chose to stand for a life when you could have cheaply taken a life. It is sad that even people who have aborted severally dare look down on you for being who you are, but nothing is wrong with you my dear, everything is wrong with them. Though life may not give you a medal of honour, on behalf of the life or lives you have saved, I say boldly that WE HONOUR YOU. YOU ARE OUR HERO.


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