12 Blatant Truths

  1. It is practically impossible to keep a man that doesn’t want to be kept.
  2. No lady can keep a man that God is not keeping.
  3. Preservation is more challenging than acquisition.
  4. Lady, a man who is obsessed about not hurting God,won’t automatically hurt you.
  5. Likewise, a man who is out to please the creator directly will indirectly please you.
  6. Most men have no defences against a woman who understands them.
  7. A cheating man is the greatest tragedy that can befall a well-meaning woman.
  8. Even marriages should be dissolved, when the threat of violence becomes a persistent reality.
  9. The only way for an insecure man to be happy with his woman is for her to say nothing, do nothing and be nothing.
  10. Every lady must understand that your man’s level of security will determine her scope of accomplishments.
  11. When lying becomes a lover’s competence, that lover is most likely going to be a source of sorrow in future.
  12. Love is the most influential force that drives a woman to do whatever she does.


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