12 Prevailing Love Truths

  1. The key to the recovery of love is remembrance
  2. Love is an action, sustained by actions and it can only be revived by actions.
  3. Don’t wait until your lover’s reaction to you changes before your action changes towards them. In reality, actions must come before reactions and not the other way around.
  4. Be realistic. What has been damaged over months and years cannot be perfectly restored overnight.
  5. Seeds sown on rocky grounds won’t yield a harvest. In love, a positive response is the sign of life and the ray of hope for recovery.
  6. Do not confuse dying love with dead love. You revive the dying but you bury the dead.
  7. There is no greater tragedy than the tragedy of aborted love.
  8. The direct preservation of your love memories is the indirect preservation of the feelings that accompanied those particular events.
  9. Our actions today become our memories tomorrow.
  10. Good memories are the leverage for the recovery of love.
  11. Reliving the good memories of a dead love often reopens the wounds and the hurts of the past to the detriment of the health and the vitality of the grieving lover.
  12. Investing in a dead love or lover is a pointless waste of your emotional resources. Let it go.


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