Love On Point (3): 12 Radical Love Concepts That Changed My Lie

  1. Lady, if your husband can no longer lust after you, you have lost him

  2. When you fulfill the demands of love consciously, you would have fulfilled the demands of the law unconsciously
  3. A great wedding simply takes good organization, but a great marriage will take good harmonization of the couples involved
  4. It doesn’t take a great wedding to have a great marriage
  5. Marriage is a calling to sex
  6. Anything that can save or boost your energy can save and boost your marriage
  7. There is no point in being in love with someone who doesn’t believe in love
  8. Please investigate before you invest
  9. The fact that they disappointed you, simply means they weren’t appointed for you
  10. Character is acting right, even when you are feeling wrong
  11. The irony of life is that, you can’t get back at someone without going back yourself. Let it go
  12. To push for love without friendship is lust in disguise


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