Lust is limited. The greatest impersonation in our civilization is the impersonation of love by lust. It is amazing that a lot of individuals in our generation can’t tell the difference between the two. Those who mistake lust for love are bound to be wounded in their pursuit of love. Once I did a research on YouTube, I determined to watch every YouTube musical video on the subject of love. After watching countless music videos a reality dawned on me that 98% of all the love songs were actually lust songs. Not only were the lyrics loaded with lust, the dance steps, costumes and entire outlook were lust inclined. Lust is indeed more well promoted than love. Little wonder why a major portion of my generation is still in search of lust, even after their obvious apprehension of love.This is not to say that there aren’t some positive applications of lust in love. A cardinal example will be the value of eros (romantic/sexual love) in marriage. Lust can indeed be exploited by married couples for their sexual gratification. This isn’t a crime at all. I often mischievously tell my wife that am in “Louvste” with her (Love+Lust). Most married couples definitely might do better sexually with such dynamic mixtures of the two realities. Fire in a fireplace can do the family great good but when it is transferred to the furniture or beddings, it can burn down entire houses and even lead to the destruction of lives and valuables. Many today need some fire,I mean lust extinguishers for there destinies to go right. To win the war over lust, you must understands its inherent qualities.

  • LUST IS COMMON: Real lust isn’t hard to find,if that is what you are looking for. Its presence is made manifest in most of our music,videos,advertising,and writings to mention just a few. The value of a thing however is determined by its rarity. Love then must be more valuable than lust by reason of the singular factor of rarity. This perhaps is why everyone who claims to love you must be proven to be sure, they don’t mean lust. This is because by reason of ubiquity, lust is easier to pick up than true love.

  • LUST SELLS: Definitely I understand that many individuals and organizations know the economic value of lust and they are exploiting it ruthlessly. Though I question the moral authority of exploiting our inherent weakness for nudity, for economic profit. It is just as distasteful to me as the corporate powerhouses who exploit people’s desire for wealth, by luring the poor into lotteries and gambling, under the promise of winning large sums of money. Lottery is the mockery of the poor by the rich. Every wealthy person will tell you their wealth was earned and not won. Similarly, opening up to obsessive expressions of lust can sell us out to addictions and several emotional vices.
  • LUST DOESN’T LAST: It is temporary by nature. These flash in the pan manifestations of lust is why several people are heart broken today. You can’t make a love commitment to a lust endowment and not get hurt in the end. This is because the so called sexy qualities projected by several people have an expiry date on them and obeys the law of diminishing returns. A luster’s commitment to you will change once your qualities changes,and that is when it hurts the most.
  • LUST KILLS: Many can testify to the fact that the attitude of certain people changed to them drastically,once they had sex together several times. That is a key sign that it was lust. The consummation of lust often leads to death. Whereas the consummation of love leads to more love. I celebrate the marriage heroes who have stuck to a single sex partner over the years,in spite of all available temptations. You are the real gems of our society. Another way love kills is by the dissemination of STD’s like AIDS and the likes. Such ailments are better responsibly avoided than treated. Lust can however be the bait that gets us there. We must beware.

The gravity of lust thus imposes upon us a sense of responsibility in all our love interactions. Lust must not be allowed to exceed its responsible boundaries,if our well being is to be preserved. Lust must be dethroned and love,authentic love must be enthroned. Most of all we must be matured enough to realize that availability must not be confused with preferability. The fact that lust is available doesn’t mean that it should be preferable. Let’s be wise.

Deji Olabode
Love Dynamics Global.
Enthronement Assembly Lagos.
@lovedynamix on twitter.
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