images33No doubt China is nothing short of an economic miracle. With a gross domestic product of over $8.227 trillion, an export value of over $2.05 trillion, an import value of about $1.817trillion,a labor force of over 795.4 million people and an unemployment rate of about 6.4%. All of this with an estimated population of about 1.354 billion people. All of this economic revolution took place within about 35years. This is remarkable and commendable by any standard.It is however humbling for me to acknowledge that china’s economic expansion can be attributed to their core competence in mass production and global distribution, rather than it is of quality. In my nation and continent for instance, the name China has become synonymous with cheap,low quality and never lasting products. This has made economic observers like myself coin the phrase that “the fear of China is the beginning of economic wisdom”. China’s reputation for quality in the African consumer’s mind comes far behind that U.S.A, Germany, Japan and even India and South Korea. In my nation the slang “chinco” has come to represent all of China’s cheap and substandard products that has saturated our markets. The demand for these “chinco” products has been fueled by indigenous poverty rather than by their homogeneous quality.

China must take their reputation for quality in international settings seriously,or else their economic tower of babel might come tumbling down someday soon. If a global player with the parity in mass distribution,mass production and mass quality at reasonable prices emerges on the global economic landscape, China might be doomed. Their society must be indoctrinated with the biblical allusion that” a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,and loving favour rather than silver and gold”, if their revered economic leadership is to be sustained.

Humorously, there is a relational equivalent of China’s low quality in love, that I will henceforth refer to as “Chinco love”. Chinco love represents the low quality,no guarantee,cheap and substandard brand of love that is so rampant in our society today. I want us to look at certain tangible attributes of chinco love so that we will exercise discretion either not get involved in them, or to get out of them.

  1. CHINCO LOVE IS DEVOID OF ANY FORM OF ACCOUNTABILITY WHATSOEVER: Chinco lovers aren’t in anyway accountable to one another,neither are they accountable to any leadership figure that can check our human excesses and tendencies to abuse intimacies. The popular Michelin advert that postulated that “power is nothing without control” could not be more accurate. This of course includes emotional power. This accountability is particularly more imperative in Trado spiritual settings, that demand the submission of the female gender to their male counterparts in marriage. It is therefore risky for a woman to submit to a man who is not himself responsibly submitted to anyone else. Such totalitarian forms of love, tend to be abusive in the end.
  2. CHINCO LOVE IS DEVOID OF ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN PLEASURE: Believe this or not,there are certain relationships that serve no other rational purpose than sexual gratification. Such dysfunctional couples live from orgasm to orgasm without any constructive contribution to society in any way. Is that all your life is about? The huhs and ahs of sexual acrobatics? Is that all you want to be remembered for in your civilization? As pleasurable as sex is,it can become a gigantic distraction from self actualization because the couples are caught up in sexual gratification. If your relationship cannot survive the absence of sex perhaps you lack a meaningful purpose for existence. It is time we demand more than gratification from our relationships,it is time we demand actualization.
  3. CHINCO LOVE IS CIRCUMSTANTIAL AND NOT INTENTIONAL IN NATURE: Ask them how and why they came together,and they are likely to tell you they’re just going out. Ask them of the destination and definition of their relationship,and they’re likely to tell you que sera sera,what will be will be. Most of them have a love devoid of goals,directions, and aspirations. Such lovers live to love instead of loving to live. Their love lives aren’t translated to meaningful life accomplishments in any way, how sad.
  4. CHINCO LOVE IS BASED UPON FUN AND FICTION NOT FACTS: Their love is all about having fun, their archetypes of love are drawn from entertainment heroes who cant even hold down a marriage for a few days. They have a vast concept of how romantic a relationship ought to be,but no sound understanding of the responsibility and sacrifice it would take to sustain the romance they desire. Some hardly even know the one they so aggressively affirm their love for. It seldom works.
  5. CHINCO LOVE DOES NOT SUBSCRIBE TO ANY ESTABLISHED BODY OF GUIDING VALUES: The security of our value lies in the body of values we subscribe to. Our pursuit of any form of value without adherence to established time tested values is at best criminal in intent. We aren’t the first set of humans to attempt the love enterprise and we won’t be the last,it is laudable to find out the attitudes and values that has worked for generations ahead of us and humbly submit to them. Our ancestors were not as expressive as us in love,yet their marriages lasted longer than most of ours. I believe that it must have been because honor,values and dignity meant something to them,while convenience seems to be all that matters to us. This has to change.

Is your brand of love “chinco” or is it qualitative. Acknowledgment is the starting point of transformation. It is high time for “total quality loving” to become a core priority for all lovers today. Its time we insist on quality in love or nothing. Those offering their partners a cheap,substandard and self centered brand of love, must realize that once your partner is exposed to quality in love,they might never settle for you again. It is high time for quality and excellence to pervade everything we do in love. I believe in you.


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Love Dynamics Global
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