How to Keep Your Lady

It is one thing to have a lady. It is something else entirely to keep her. The longer you live, you will discover that keeping what you have is by far more difficult than its acquisition. Though commitment comes more naturally for a woman than it does for a man, the men who take a woman’s commitment for granted are soon shocked to realize that she could be seized from his grasp never to return again. Today we turn to what a man needs to do to keep his woman.


Women are by nature creatures of love. They can’t seem to get enough of loving from their man. This love is perhaps the most influential force that drives a woman to do whatever she does. Loving, on the other hand, doesn’t come naturally to most men, because most men struggle with the fear of being taken for granted if they love too much. This fear has no basis if you are with a matured woman who knows what she needs emotionally. Most men must understand that a woman’s conviction about who loves her or not will determine who she stays with or who she dumps. In other words, the moment someone out there convinces her of having a love for her greater than yours, you might have a problem keeping her. A woman is love-activated. As such her man must work hard at convincing her that he is her greatest love prospect both by words and action.


Every woman wants to be a priority and not an option in her man’s life. Unfortunately, many insecure men constantly tell their women that they have gotten other options in a bid to unsettle her. Something in every woman wants to be number one in her man’s life. She wants to be an object of importance and not an object of ridicule and criticism. The best way I can say this is she wants to be handled as delicately as an egg. In a sense, most ladies are that fragile in their esteem and self-worth and the men that will keep them must not violate the fortress of their self worth with rough words and rough actions. All women seem to be made by the creator with the inscription “Handle With Care” The men who violate this instruction might end up losing their partners to the masters of care lurking in the corner.


Most ladies hate to feel like they are under male scrutiny. They are most comfortable around men with whom they can be themselves. Ladies hate to be observed and evaluated on the scale of other women, be it a mother, a sister or an ex-partner. They are most attracted to men for whom their weakness is not a big deal. Unfortunately, most men are very critical and the first target of our critical tendencies are the women dearest to us. The oxymoron of change is that people, particularly ladies are most motivated to change when you accept them the way they are and for who they are. The idea that she has to be perfected for her to be accepted by you, can put her under too much pressure and she can become susceptible to men who take the pressure off.


I am of the opinion that nature is unfair to women, and this is the more reason why their men must be fair to them. For instance, they get to carry the burden of pregnancy, the burden of delivery as well as the burden of nurturing that which has been delivered. The least a man can do is to make this turbulent journey easier for her. I am fully convinced that the purpose of a man in a woman’s life is to minimize the negative impact of life on her as a whole. Unfortunately, many men have made themselves an additional burden to their women by their colossal irresponsibilities. Men, if you can’t bear her burdens, at least don’t be a burden.


Women by nature love excess. Excess shoes, excess bags, excess jewellery, excess care, excess praise. Excess! Excess! Excess! The men who will keep them must know how to lavish the good things of life on them. The extra you do for her isn’t waste, it simply affirms to her how irreplaceable she is in your world. I am saying to men overdo it. It is better she complains that this is too much than for her to complain that it is not enough. Women are most thrilled by men who have a cornucopian disposition towards them. So don’t spare the expense when it comes to your woman, lavish life on her within the context of the resources the creator has made available for you. It is better for her to be restraining your positive excesses than for her to be complaining about your stinginess. If you don’t spoil her, you will most likely lose her to someone who does.

It is time to get to workmen, bearing in mind that there is external competition for that woman. No one is asking you to do everything, we are simply asking you to do your best. Hopefully, if your love is meant to be, your best will be good enough for her. I wish you the best in your endeavours.


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