5 Kinds of Men Worth Losing

We have dealt with how to keep your man. We must, however, be quick to state that not every kind of man is worth keeping. In fact, some kind of men are worth loosing. Should you be involved with any of the men mentioned below, losing them is a blessing and not a curse. Let’s share a few these minuses that claim to be men.


This is the kind of man who lacks the integrity and the discipline to stick to one woman emotionally. He is the proverbial Oliver Twist of a man, who consistently wants more women than he should legitimately have. Generations have had several names for him ranging from Casanova, womanizer, stud and the likes. Celebrated among his mediocre peers as a sharp dude, he represents the greatest tragedy that can befall any well-meaning woman on earth. In our STD saturated society, such men represent the most potent medium of transfer of sexual misfortune among ladies. Should such a person desire to walk out of your life, please show them the door and bolt the door after them, misplacing the key for the sake of your happiness and well being.


This is the man who in every way constitutes a relational liability and not an asset. Such a man can’t seem to take responsibility for anything in the relationship. Worse still he delights in having the woman take the responsibility for all that needs to be done in the relationship. You would be amazed at the number of men who are being fed, financed, clothed and sponsored by the women in their lives. Some of these charlatans even resort to anger when the woman fails to live up to their irresponsible expectations. Such men are victims of a stunted sense of maturity and responsibility. Providing for them is an indulgence. There may be occasional seasons of difficulty in a relationship where the woman might be expected to take the lead in responsibility, but when this becomes the order of the day something is wrong.


This is the man who has little or no understanding of the dignity of womanhood. In his consciousness, they were created to be trodden underfoot by men. He proves this point by treating her as a thing and not as a person. Unfortunately, most pornographic cum entertainment videos buttress this erroneous perspective. Females are depicted as toys whose sole value is to gratify the sexual fantasies of lustful men by shaking and deploying their “assets” in the words of Nigeria’s Davido. Some of these men not only talk down on their partners, some physical deal “BLOWS” of love with all violence whenever conflicts arise. I am of the firm opinion that even marriages should be dissolved when the threat of violence becomes both a reality and a repetitive pattern of behaviour. I wonder what some ladies are waiting for under such circumstances. Please show the bully the door.


There is the kind of man whose superiority is established by his partner’s inferiority. Such men will do everything to suppress and undermine the lady’s potential rather than release it. Any attempt by the lady at personal and professional development is regarded as pride. The only way an insecure man will be happy with his woman is for her to say nothing, do nothing and be nothing. Unfortunately, certain religious positions fuel this male bigotry to the detriment of the female folk. Every lady must understand that your man’s security will determine the scope of your accomplishments. Choose wisely.


This is the man whose entire world is a lie. These men lie about virtually everything ranging from their income to their ancestry. Males do have an ego that can make them susceptible to exaggeration, simply because they want to appear bigger than they actually are. The challenge about this is that truth is the most lasting foundation that an enduring relationship can be built upon. When lying becomes a man’s competence, he is most likely going to be a source of countless sorrows in the future. Every wise woman should spare herself such pain.

I sympathize with every woman if I have just described your man. Unfortunately, my sympathy is worthless if you aren’t decisive about what needs to be done to set yourself free. Not all men are worth keeping. If you keep the men that are meant to be lost and you lose the men that are meant to be kept, your life is bound to be full of misery. Take courage and do what needs to be done.


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  1. It is really fantastic to see this short piece of writing cooked by a Nigerian. Am so impressed as a man for this write up have read.

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