imagesSensitivity is a prerequisite for survival in both love and life. You will agree that almost nothing happens in our world without a sign. Many get caught up in unfavorable circumstances because they ignored the warning signs. All who have ever been hurt in love will tell you, the warning signs were there all along, they just didn’t act upon it.To avoid being hurt in love, we must develop an emotional alarm system that goes off, when certain attitudes and behaviors are manifest. Just as there is no fire without smoke,there can be no heartbreak without some of these things. Let us briefly address a few of them

  1. WATCH OUT FOR LYING: There is no better foundation to base a lasting love life upon than truth. Watch out when there are too many inconsistencies in this person‘s life. Watch out if all or most of the stories you are being told by this person isn’t adding up or making logical sense. Watch out when a new story consistently replaces the ones you have been told,once they have been discovered to be false. Watch out for effortless and comfortable deception on the part of your acclaimed lover. Often times in love,if what you are being told is too good to be true,it isn’t . Don’t sweep blatant lies under the rug,you might be heading for a heartbreak.

  2. WATCH OUT FOR FLATTERING: Most heart breakers specialize in telling us what we want to hear about ourselves,not what we need to hear about ourselves. Its one thing for a person to tell you nice things about you, it is another thing to be told things you personally know are obviously not true about yourself. Flattering suggest that the person you are dealing with is a people pleaser. The problem about being a people pleaser is that, at some point there will be a clash of interests between pleasing people and pleasing your lover. The people pleaser will most likely choose the former over the latter. Don’t take flattering lightly. A lover who can’t confront you with the reality about you isn’t worth having.
  3. WATCH OUT FOR UNRESOLVED ISSUES: There are certain individuals who aren’t just through with their past. They should be left alone to resolve their issues. There are those who claim to be through with their past relationship,yet they keep regular tabs on each other,visit each other,sleep over at each other’s places, spend extensive times communicating with each other. Yet they claim it is all over. You must realize that love isn’t over until it is proven to be over. You can’t plant on a piece of land that isn’t properly cleared. No yield will come from such pointless activity. Likewise you cant successfully plant your new love in someone who refuses to clear their lives of the affections of their past. Beware.
  4. WATCH OUT FOR CHRONIC EVASION: There are certain individuals whose entire love lives are shrouded in mystery. Everything with them is laced up with secrecy. The more you look at them the less you see. One of the first signs of a developing love is transparency- the person begins to open up. So when your love prospect is doing their best effort to close up from you,rather than opening up to you, Just know there is fire on the mountain top. Authentic love seldom has anything to hide. Beware.
  5. WATCH OUT FOR HIDDEN AGENDAS: Motive is the source of motivation. If the motive for a relationship is wrong,the relationship will end up badly. Some of the motives are sexual,financial material, and marital in nature, to mention but a few. Sexually for instance, many lovers change their attitude after sex because sex was both the motive and objective of the relationship. You must ensure you uncover people’s motive and hidden agendas before committing to them.

These aren’t all, but watching out for these will greatly diminish the possibility of heartbreaks in your life. It will also fuel accuracy in your love choices. I am persuaded you won’t miss it.


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Love Dynamics Global
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