What do you do when you have obviously been let down by someone you love? The obvious answer is to get over it. But how does one get over someone you deeply loved? To do so you would need to submit to heartbreak therapy. The reason is that until you are properly healed from the pains of the past, you aren’t ready for the gains of the future. Here we address the therapeutic impact that some of the following entities can have on your heart.

  • DISTANCE THERAPY: The biggest mistake some make is the tendency to forge friendships with the one that hurt them. Many agree to reverting back to this friendship arrangement because they erroneously prefer to have a little piece of their former lover, than live with the idea of losing them altogether. The downside of such friendships is that it is a constant and painful reminder of what you’ve lost, and this doesn’t help the healing process. The second is that the proximity could lead to the reawakening of feelings,which in turn puts you in the position to be hurt by them a second time. The third challenge of proximity to your former lover is that you get to hear too much about what and how they are doing,while we all yearn to know how our ex are doing currently,such information doesn’t aid the recovery process. What I recommend is that you put absolute and complete distance between you and the one that hurt you. After all, if they really valued your friendship that much,they won’t have turned down the opportunity to have a relationship with you. So stay off and keep off them completely. This also includes refusing to hear the gossip of tale bearers about how they are doing and who they are with. Such gossips have a way of opening your wounds afresh.

  • TIME THERAPY: Time many say is a healer of emotional wounds. There is an element of truth in that. This means that you must resist the temptation to rush off and start another relationship. The reason is because most of us aren’t thinking straight or feeling right after a heartbreak. To hurry into another relationship is to build the new, on the faulty foundation of your past pains. It seldom works. Patience must be allowed to have her perfect work,if you won’t replicate the mistakes of your past in the future.
  • FAMILY THERAPY: When you have been hurt by the conditional love of individuals who have taken things from you,you need to be exposed for a season to the unconditional love of people who don’t want anything from you. Your family,if you have a loving one, can be the best bet in finding this unconditional love. A real family is meant to love you without options and conditions. Real family aren’t likely to use,abuse and exploit you like others may. Opening up to this level of relationship can heal you of your deepest wounds. If however your family aren’t that supportive,you might have to look for people in your life who do function perfectly in a family role and receive therapy from them. The only condition is that they love you, unconditionally until you are fully healed of the conditions of your past hurts.
  • WORK THERAPY: Only the idle have time to feel pain and regrets. Hard work is therapeutic in nature. Not only does work offer a distractive value from our current pains,work also enable time fly. Hard work also provides the opportunity for the development of substitute relationships during our healing process. Work also ensures that our minds are comprehensively engaged with future projects and not past disappointments.
  • SPIRITUAL THERAPY: It is in fact the strength of our spirits that will sustain us through seasons of emotional disappointments. Some of our emotional troubles also happens because we may have prioritized the emotional over the spiritual. In such cases our emotional challenges are an opportunity for us to get our spiritual priorities right. Our relationship with the creator must come before any other relationship. This is because if we weren’t created by the creator,our human lovers won’t have even had the opportunity to love us. Beyond that, receiving intensive spiritual ministry can greatly enhance our overcoming power, no matter how badly we have been hurt.

Submitting ourselves to therapy after a heartbreak, is the wisest decision we can make for our well being. Most of all,we must not be pressured into starting any relationship until we are fully healed. Those who subscribe to these practices are bound to survive anything that life throws at them.


Deji Olabode.
Love Dynamics Global
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