supplements-590-12814475211Attractiveness seems to be the most promoted love virtue in our contemporary society. A commendable field of cosmetic surgery and makeup innovation has flourished in our time owing to this societal emphasis on looking good. I personally admire the evolution of these life changing enterprises. However is beauty all it takes to make a relationship work? Some of the most beautiful people I know, seem to lack the capability to sustain long lasting relationships.The fact is that beauty can be a liability, if it isn’t augmented and supplemented by certain superior virtues that I would like to deal with in this write up. We of course aren’t saying that beauty should be neglected,we are simply saying that it should be augmented. One thing I have never been able to relate to, are religious sects that legislate mandatory ugliness as a prerequisite for spiritual actualization. There is no doubt that our creator is immensely beautiful himself,and to be anything less on our part, will be to misrepresent his magnificent splendor. The only policy our pursuit of beauty in love should not violate is the rule of decency. Let’s turn to some effective beauty supplements we can take advantage of.

  • BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT 1: INTEGRITY. How beautiful did a person seem to you when you found out they couldn’t be trusted to keep their word? Didn’t they instantaneously feel ugly to you, when you found out they were lying to you or cheating on you? The fact is that beauty without integrity is a liability. I am of the opinion that all who are naturally endowed visually,should make the development of integrity a paramount pursuit of their lives. This is because to whom much is given, much will be expected. The better you look, the better people will expect you to be, practically. To fall short of their expectation will be to court their rejection.

  • BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT 2: INTELLECTUALITY. Nothing is as repugnant as the first class beauty queen who can’t even spell her name. One writer emphasizes the fact that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. That a soul be without knowledge,it is not good. If the sophistication of your mind is behind the sophistication of your face, you are bound to go through some social embarrassments in life. This is why those born beautiful must commit themselves to both a formal and a personal program of life long education. They would have to read and expose their minds to rigorous thinkers, so as to sharpen their intellectual edge. Those who marry a person over the beauty of their body, without consideration for their mind, are bound to be frustrated by such stunted minds. Out minds matter as much as our bodies.
  • BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT 3: HUMILITY. I said in an earlier article, that beauty predisposes to pride. There is something about being physically endowed, that goes into our heads naturally. We erroneously begin to feel a pseudo superiority over our contemporaries, this is evidenced by the snobbish attitude developed by many attractive people. Such displays of pride then begins to alienate us from those who are meant to love us. This pride is perhaps why many beautiful people tend to lack marriage suitors at times. When the frustration of not having a life partner eventually humbles them, it is usually too late to find their desired lover. We must see our beauty as a divine endowment and not a personal accomplishment. We must resist the tendency to exalt ourselves above others, on the basis of our beauty, only then will we fulfill our potential.
  • BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT 4: MORALITY. One thing is certain,the beautiful are a prime target for lust. The moment a beautiful person begins to respond to the lusty opportunities in their environment,their beauty ends up corrupted. This is a major challenge for the exceptionally endowed globally. Most of those who relate to the beautiful do so,for their own selfish purposes. This is why the beautiful must be strong enough to say a capital NO to the sexual exploitation around them. They must insist on qualitative associations that affirm their internal value, over their external features. Beauty without morality is a travesty.
  • BEAUTY SUPPLEMENT 5: SPIRITUALITY. The beautiful must humbly acknowledge that they weren’t self created. To not have a dynamic relationship with their creator is the height of human ingratitude. We must realize that there is an inestimable beauty that a vibrant spiritual life adds to our natural beauties. Beyond that, the power to manage our beauty productively amidst our contemporary chaos, can’t come from anywhere else other than the creator himself. The suicide statistics among the beautiful and popular attests to the fact that there is a void globally,not only in the beautiful,but in every human being. This void is spiritual in nature, it cannot be filled with money, sex, fame, drugs or power. It can only be filled by the creator himself. To neglect this is to live our lives in frustration, in spite of all our beauty.

It is time for the beautiful to aim for this comprehensive beauty,a beauty that incorporates all of these virtues. Doing so will not only enrich our human relationships,it will bestow on all of us personal fulfillment in dimensions we never imagined was ever possible.

Deji Olabode.
Love Dynamics Global.
Enthronement Assembly Lagos.
@lovedynamix on twitter.
BBpin; 270B1423

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