Good Intentions Alone Won’t Make your Love Life Work

Yesterday, we established the fact that spirituality alone won’t make your relationship work. We have been exploring six lessons I have learned from the first break-up ever, the breakup between God and man. The second lesson is that GOOD INTENTIONS ALONE WILL NOT GUARANTEE GOOD OUTCOMES IN YOUR LOVE LIFE. 

God had good intentions in entering into a relationship with man, but the relationship failed. Nothing is as painful as witnessing the end of a relationship you have good intentions for. It is the zenith of all heartbreaks. It leaves one with the bitter taste of the possibility of what the relationship might have been that it did not become. How painful, many heartbroken ones are going through this pain right now. In observing the first breakup ever, one thing stands out. THE ESSENCE OF PAIRING IS SHARING. God’s noble intention was to share his image, his likeness and his authority with the one he loved. Even today, the key to all successful relationships is their capacity for shared images, shared likeness and shared authority. If your relationship is devoid of this depth of sharing it is yet to begin.

In spite of these noble intentions, the relationship failed because though the good intentions were communicated by God, they were not understood by man. Your partner’s level of understanding can forever limit the success of your relationship. Man’s lack of understanding finally contributed to his lack of cooperation and collaboration with God, as such the relationship died.

The implication for the lovers of my day is that they must strive for understanding in their relationship if the relationship will be outstanding and “outlasting”. To those with good intentions who are currently nursing the wounds of heartbreak, I can only say forgive the heartbreakers for they know not what they are doing. God will give you a heart maker for every heartbreaker you have been through.


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