4 Things Most Men Hate The Most

715136-e82027e6-0455-11e3-97eb-a694c07fee36Having a man is one thing but keeping that man is something else entirely. We have been dealing with marriage essentials for some time now. One of such essentials is how to keep your man. The way to keep him primarily is to avoid doing the things men hate the most. Notice I did not say that men cannot or should not do these things, but we tend to hate doing them even when we have to.

To keep a man in your life therefore you must be careful about how you handle such sour spots in your relationship, even when you are on legitimate grounds.

  1. MOST MEN HATE TO BEG. Notice that I didn’t say men should never have to do so, but almost every man hates when they have to do so. Please realize that you don’t have to beg to apologize. Unfortunately when our partners are recalcitrant about our apologies, men tend to be made to beg. Begging eats at the core of our ego and esteem as men and the more a lady makes us do so, the more resentment we eventually feel towards her. If this persists, the man tends to withdraw from the lives of such ladies. Unfortunately certain ladies need to have their men grovel and beg for them to feel alright about him, if you are one of such, the man will not last around you. Even if he puts up with you, you are bound to loose him, the moment a lady who doesn’t require him to beg is made available in his life. BEWARE.

  2. MEN HATE TO HAVE TO COMPETE FOR THE ONE THEY LOVE. It is true that men are more competitive than collaborative in nature. We tend to love sports and action films. However the only area where we hate to compete is for the one we love. However most ladies are quick to hammer home the point that they have options or other men in their lives. This will often prove counterproductive for the relationship because most men desire to be wholly in charge of the one they love. Smart ladies are finding out that any thing that feeds that dominant desire of his heart will most certainly make the man stay.
  3. MEN HATE TO BE BELITTLED. Even the most little of men desire to be BIG. Big is an obsession with men, from their obsession with genital size to their obsession with height. Men the world over are obsessed with the idea of being big. The women that will keep them will be the ones that confirm or stroke their obsession for bigness. Ladies who fail to understand this, are not likely to keep their men for long. A ladies, words, actions, attitudes and responses should be directed towards affirming her man’s bigness,its the cheapest way to tie a man down. The surest strategy for accomplishing this is R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
  4. MEN HATE TO BE NAGGED. Few men respond well to advice given,not to talk of advises tirelessly repeated. Nagging wears us out and makes us want to repeat what we are being nagged for. Nagging spouses must take their cue from nagging mothers. If the mothers who gave birth to these men were unable to change them via nagging,what makes you think that you will succeed. If you keep doing so, you might end up bitterly frustrated. This is why as a woman you must endeavor to settle for a man you don’t have to change much about, for you to be happy.

The ladies who will be keepers of the men in their lives,must be sensitive about these four issues. They must deliberately avoid anything that will make them fall into these traps, only then will they stand the chance of keeping the man they have found.


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