Spirituality is no Guarantee for Relationship Success

It is very interesting to note that human civilization started with the story of a breakup. God entered into a relationship with man in Genesis1:26 but had to rapidly break it up in Genesis3 because the relationship did not work according to his plans. This was the mother of all breakups. There are several lessons to learn from this broken relationship that applies to our love lives today.

The first lesson is that SPIRITUALITY IS NOT NECESSARILY A GUARANTEE FOR RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS. No one on earth can claim to be as spiritual as God. In fact, the word tells us that God is not only spiritual, He is a Spirit as well as the Father of all spirits. Yet in his spirituality, he had to acknowledge that his relationship with man had to be broken because man violated the terms and conditions for the success of the relationship. The implication for us is that we should not be disappointed or surprised when seemingly spiritual people go through relationship problems or even break up. The laws governing spiritual success and social success are not necessarily parallel. We should also not be bamboozled by seeming display of spirituality as if that is the only yardstick for emotional success, many hyper-spiritual people I know are some of the most emotionally immature people I have met.

We who are spiritual, should not let the burden of our spirituality and people’s opinion of our spirituality, keep us in relationships that aren’t working, just to be able to save our so-called spiritual reputation. If God could break up with man, then it isn’t a crime for man to break up with man on legitimate grounds.


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