I want to believe that our journey into the several kinds of relationships worth breaking has been worth your time. I eagerly await your comments,questions and contributions as we ignite this global love revolution together. The few minutes you invest in reading our daily blog means a whole lot to me. We also could connect via email to schedule a speaking appointment with us in your various nations as well as organizations. I deeply appreciate you.Today we want to explore the subject of DECEPTIVE RELATIONSHIPS. The only thing in life worse than living a lie is loving a lie. It is a global fact that most of the relationships in our day live on lies, the way roses live on the rain.

The reality is that if the whole truth be exposed as it really is in most of our relationships today,more than 80% percent of our relationships will come to an end. This is so because there is something in the human nature that doesn’t want to confront the truth even if it is obvious. Most of us will rather believe a lie than confront the truth.

Most men for instance have perfected the art of lying in their relationship because they believe most ladies do not want to be told the truth. Unfortunately, a lot of the constructive energies in our relationships, that could have been used to love each other is diverted into trying to keep the truth from coming out in the open.

Most lying lovers persist in their habit of deception because they are ignorant of the fundamental nature of truth. In the real world there is no such thing as a secret. There is nothing hidden that shall not be exposed. In other words the destiny of secrecy is exposure. This rule cannot be broken. If you have to hide it, is better not to do it.

On the global scene we see the frantic effort of some first world nations to persecute whistle blowers like Julian Assange and the others. The fact that sensitive documents were leaked is not the issue. The truth is that if some of these governments had nothing to hide,their enemies would have nothing to reveal. Did you get that point? If you have nothing to hide,your enemies will have nothing to reveal. The frank truth is that the assanges of this world have been put into business by the propensity for lies found in some of our mega nations.

The perpetuation of lies by leaders, individuals, lovers, organizations and nations alike stem out of a second fundamental ignorance… the ignorance of the nature of the new world. The world of our day is increasingly networked, thanks to the advent of mobile technology and social networking. A lie told by a person half way around the world can now be shared globally with billions of people. Thereby bringing down marriages,organizations and nations in the process.

Truth in this century, has become more than a religious obligation,for the first time in history,truth has become a fundamental prerequisite for survival of both personal,professional,organizational and even national relationships. In the world of tomorrow those who fail the test of truth and transparency would have forfeited their right to lead.

Those who lie also do so because of their ignorance of the fundamental nature of the human soul. It very true that the truth may hurt us at times, but there is an inherent longing for the truth in every human soul. There is something in our soul that can never be satisfied until we are either being truthful or are being told the truth. It is as if the creator set our hearts by default to pursue the truth. The human soul will be restless and homeless until we find the truth.

Just as the liar will never be genuinely free to love until the truth is confessed, The one lied to will never be free to love until they are told the truth. The real cost of lying and deception is the loss of credibility and trust. Love could be turned to hatred in a moment, if it discovers it has been lied to. Oh what a freedom it is to be in a relationship and have absolutely nothing to hide. It is a taste of true freedom that few ever get to experience.

It is also important to note that most lies in relationships stem out of the liars fear of their partner’s reaction. This is why it is not enough to demand the truth in love but we must create an environment in which truth can flourish. The best atmosphere for truth is a nonjudgmental,non critical, atmosphere of acceptance and forgiveness. We must curtail our reactions to the truth and endeavor not to condemn our partners for their sincerity.

It is high time we shun all forms of deception and embrace a policy of truth in our relationships. It is time for every liar to face the facts, that the one you are lying to doesn’t love you,they love an illusion of you. It is up to you to give them a real opportunity to love you by telling them the truth. Any one who cannot accept the truth about you cannot be yours.

If as a partner, you have created an enabling environment for truth to thrive,and your partner insists on being a pathological liar,you do have a drastic decision to take. Your happiness and peace of mind depends on it. What should you do? Your guess is as good as mine. See you tomorrow.

Deji Olabode
Love Dynamics Global.
Enthronement Assembly,Lagos.
@lovedynamix on twitter

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5 thoughts on “BLINDING LOVE!!!

  1. My mama would always say “You will need ten more lies to cover up for that one lie you are making up”…It’s a fake life that can’t be sustained, and no matter how long it takes- the truth will always find it way into the open. Thanks sir, God bless your darling heart…by the way I think am addicted to you blog. Wink*

  2. Lying in a relationship is like wearing a mask, don’t feel relaxed that you are loved until you unmask!!!! i believe ” a truth in time saves lies…..” Thanks sir for this wonderful blog

  3. That part that says….*the person doesn’t love you but an illusion of you…* that’s sooo true. More wisdom sir.

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