Can love be proven empirically? Can something so emotional in nature be subjected to rational evaluation? Am I meant to believe the love someone claims to have for me, just because they said so? Does the fact that one has feelings for another, mean it is love? Over the next few days, we shall be considering the various proofs of real and right love. The outcome of this will be that you won’t ever be cheated again, if you have been hurt before. Make it a date with us all week long and tell your friends about the blog. I am persuaded that they will be grateful you did.

  1. YOU CAN’T TRUST YOUR HEART: It is important to make a huge distinction between real love and right love. The fact that what you feel is real, doesn’t mean that what you feel is right. Many have made a shipwreck of their love lives primarily because they subscribed to the authority of their feelings in love. One thing you can count on is that our feelings can lie. Most of those who are led by their feeling end up failing in love. Facts must be put before feelings, if our love lives will be stable.

  2. YOU CAN’T TRUST YOUR WORDS: When building your love life, you can’t build it on words alone. Many ladies particularly are crazy about their lovers saying “I love you”. Nothing is wrong with saying so, but everyone must understand that “I love you” is easier said than meant. It is easier confessed than professed. Just as our feelings can lie to us, people can also lie to us. In fact, until you are sure of the nature and integrity of the person claiming” I love you” don’t get excited. Some “I love yous” are emotional death traps.
  3. YOU CAN’T TRUST YOUR BODY: You can’t trust your body when attempting to prove love. Every matured lover knows that occasionally, our flesh tends to respond to some individuals that our heart and life isn’t meant to respond to. If we allow our heart follow our bodies, we are most likely to be hurt. Everyone of us have anatomical preferences in love, but not all who have our external specifications have our internal specifications. Our bodies also can lie to us, we must beware.
  4. YOU CAN’T TRUST YOUR EXPERIENCES: Many of us are guilty of observing our future relationships with the prism of past relationships. Doing this makes you a lover with a bias. Such biases can color our perception in love and corrupt the evaluation of our future relationships. No matter the hurts you have experienced,you must give every new love prospect the opportunity to prove their love for you individually before you shut them out.
  5. YOU CAN’T TRUST YOUR FRIENDS AND PEERS: It is maturity to understand that every friend you have, have their own individual agendas. To attempt to filter your love choice through too many friends is to shred your lover through too many divergent opinions. Nothing good can come out of it. Individuality is a key attribute of maturity. I believe that the one who is to live with the love decision, should be the one to make it. Your friends won’t live with your lover, so they shouldn’t decide your lover. You are free to make a few consultations, but the decision is yours.

In evaluating real love, we have said in a nutshell that you can’t trust your heart, you can’t trust words, you can’t trust your body, you can’t trust your experiences, and you can’t trust you friends. How then can I accurately prove the sincerity of someone’s love for me without trusting these things? That my friend, is the subject of my discussion tomorrow. Don’t Miss it.
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  1. Our flesh tends to go to where our heart is not suppossed to go.The heart should take the lead,and gain ascendancy over the body! Thank you sir!

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