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Education is one of the primary pillars of societal development. It is a proven fact that wherever educational leadership has gone,economic and technological leadership has also followed. The societies that do not want to be left behind must make substantial investments in the educational sector to be able to realize their dreams.As valuable as education is,it also has had its demerits in society. The first has been that it has produced what we today know as the social classes of our civilization. This is because it has been not only the molder of human intelligence,but our educational system has sought to be the judge of human intelligence, through her grading system. Academic grading systems all over the world seem to be geared toward promoting people on the bases of I.Q and no other quotient. This has led to the average and below average performance of myriads of people, who seem not to be mathematically and logically endowed. Many individuals leave most academic institutions with an acquired low self esteem, imparted to them by their grades. Those who subconsciously believe the academic verdict passed on them by their grades, seldom make it in life.

This academic challenge is so because few academic curricula take into consideration what the student inherently loves to study. I see a day ahead of us when students and teachers alike will partner in the development of educational curricula, so that what the student loves to do and is inherently wired to do, will be incorporated into their academic studies. For this to happen, the educational systems of my day will have to exchange their judgmental role, for a more supportive role in the life of her students.

I once discovered that the word education was derived from a latin word “educatus” akin to “educere” which primarily means to bring out of a thing what already exists in it. What most of our education has done is to seek to put things into us in spite of what already exists in us. Some times this has led to a clash of contents owing to lack of compatibility. It is time for education to realize that those we seek to educate are already inherently oriented towards certain things. What education should do is to find out what is already in them,and nurture it to fruition and productive manifestation.

The work of Harvard’s Howard Gardner on multiple intelligences best echoes my particular sentiment on the matter. It was he who suggested that everyone is in fact intelligent in their own way. He identified about eight different kinds of intelligence namely, Musical-rhythmic and harmonic, visual-spacial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and existential intelligences. The grading systems of tomorrow might become more personal than universal,as they seek to incorporate the unique intelligences of each student into their evaluation.

Finally, all must agree that the current fear driven academic environment is a great hindrance to learning. Perfect love casts out fear. Qualitative learning can only flourish in an atmosphere filled with love,respect and encouragement for the student. This perhaps is why students learn more from their peers than their teachers.

Love must be incorporated into our educational equation globally. First what the students love and are wired to do should be the basis of education. Education should play a more supportive role and less judgmental role in the lives of her students. All of these should be done in a vibrant love atmosphere that acknowledges, the unique intelligences of our students. We are not advocating an overnight overhaul of our educational system,but gradual, incremental and strategic steps can be taken in the right direction,for the sake of the academic well being of our children and those unborn. Think about this!


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  1. My goodness! To educate is to bring out of a thing what already exists in it!!! The Lord shall restore our education system in Africa and the world at large in Jesus name.

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