There is hardly anyone I know, who can’t accomplish more with their lives, with more wealth at their disposal. This of course excludes those who out of frustration with the wealth creation process,have settled for a twisted doctrine that emphasizes the nobility of poverty.True, the desire for wealth is replete in our society,what we lack is a strategy for wealth creation, that takes into consideration the core foundation for lasting financial freedom. What is this foundation? LOVE.

Anyone who annually surveys the Forbes 400 list of the world’s richest individuals, may be blinded by their humongous wealth,to the fact that, what is common to everyone of them is that they are uncommon lovers of what they do. This uncommon love for what they do, is the driving force of distinction in their various industries. To put it plainly, YOU CAN’T BE RICH IF YOU DON’T GENUINELY AND EXCESSIVELY LOVE WHAT YOU DO.

The mistake we make in our financial trainings is that we start out by telling people to set financial goals. We force them to answer disturbing questions like; How much do you want to earn by this time next year? How rich do you really want to be? and the likes. Whereas if you interviewed the supremely successful, I doubt that they started out with such elaborate and formal financial goals. The reality of the super rich and successful is that they started out having an extreme love for what they do. This love was either for a product, a process, a service or even an industry. This love is actually what generated the actions that produced the wealth.

If getting rich was their principal goal, since they are already rich,most of them would have stopped working years ago, when they attained financial freedom. The reality however is that the super-rich are the hardest to convince about the rationality of retirement. Naturally, how easy will it be to retire from something you love with your whole being? Humorously even the bestselling authors that gave us books like “Retire Young Retire Rich” aren’t retiring yet. Their continued production of financial conferences,books and seminars attests to that fact.

The reality is that it is dubious to teach people to set financial goals,without helping them discover their underlying emotional goals. The question, What do you love doing? Should always come before, how much you want to earn. Peter’s proverbial gold coin could not have been found in carpentry,when his passion lay in fishing. The moral of the instruction is that;our wealth lies in the mouth of the things we love doing.

The greatest tragedy of the educational system in my nation, is the fact that it does not give place to the discovery of the passions of the younger generation, in matching them for admissions into institutions of higher learning. Rather, courses are imposed upon those children, regardless of where their dominant passions lie. In this, the university system is more akin to the prison system. The kids feel trapped within the four walls of our academic cum penal institutions,and struggle through school with mediocre grades. When they do eventually graduate with below average grades, they are further penalized by the industrial community,for not graduation with excellent grades,in courses they never loved in the first place, by not offering them jobs. As such, the younger generation feels trapped in a negative cycle of what Management thinker Peter Senge calls reinforcing loops in his book The fifth Discipline. This has to change.

Love must be given its first place in our pursuit of wealth creation. Love must be given first place in our pursuit of professional actualization. Love must be given first place in our pursuit of institutional and societal establishment. Only then will we attain the full potential of the socio-economic wealth that the creator intended for man and his world. Ruminate upon this!


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  1. Its interesting dt love is d basis for allround success.Indeed God is love! Keep up d good work sir,u are a great blessing to our generation

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