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imagesCan one be in love without knowing it? The answer is a categorical YES. It is humbling for me to acknowledge that love can sneak up on us sometimes. I have in my teachings over the years made a strong distinction between real love(genuine and sincere love) and right love(accurate and ethical love). The fact that a love is real doesn’t necessarily mean that such love is right. In this article I am not concerning myself with the rightness of love but with the realness of it.

Many people find themselves intensely in love with people that they never originally intended to be involved with. This isn’t bad provided the one they are in love with is available and not involved with anyone else. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Most of us have fallen victim of this because the process of being in love has seldom been isolated and communicated. Owing to this many have found themselves in love without knowing how they got there. Consider the following as mandatory signposts on the road to love. If you intend to be in love then these are positive, if however you don’t have the legitimacy to be in love, they could be dangerous signs.

  1. YOU ARE DEFINITELY IN LOVE WHEN YOU CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM: We call this the law of mental presence at LOVE DYNAMICS GLOBAL. We don’t necessarily have to be in the presence of the ones we love to be mindful of them. When we are in love, our thoughts, meditations, cogitations, contemplations and considerations are firmly upon the one we love. This of course is okay, if the feelings are both mutual and ethical. So if the person doesn’t just have a place in your life, but if they have taken residency in your heart and mind, you are in love.

  2. YOU ARE DEFINITELY IN LOVE WHEN YOU CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM: Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The mouth will naturally overflow with the contents of our heart. Any love that claims to be in the heart, without it showing up in the mouth is fake. When we are in love, we tend to weave most of our conversations around that particular person. So if you catch yourself over talking about a particular individual, you just might have begun to fall in love with them.
  3. YOU ARE DEFINITELY IN LOVE WHEN THE CLOCK DOESN’T MEAN A THING WHEN YOU’RE WITH THEM: The experience of true love always gives us a taste of eternity. By this I mean the clock is irrelevant when we are with those we love. Have you ever been with someone and judging by your evaluation, you had spent a few minutes with them, only to discover eventually that you had been with them for hours. Time flies when we are with the ones we love. If you are not sure you are in love with a person or not, next time just track the behavior of time, when you are with them.
  4. YOU ARE DEFINITELY IN LOVE, WHEN THEIR SHORTCOMINGS DON’T MATTER TO YOU: In fact you are in love when your attitude towards obvious weaknesses in the life of this person,is one of indifference. In some cases, the lover will move from indifference to defense of the one they are in love with. In other cases, the lover could move from defense to justification of the weaknesses of their object of love. This is why if the shortcomings of another is a big deal for you, it is a sign that you are not in love with them. These blindness in love to another’s shortcomings is why, every lover needs the benefit of a secondary observer, who is not in love with the one being observed.
  5. YOU ARE DEFINITELY IN LOVE,IF YOU HAVE A DISPOSITION OF EXTREME BENEVOLENCE TOWARDS THEM: When we are in love, we won’t mind giving anything and everything to the one we love. I didn’t say we should give everything and anything,I said we won’t mind doing so. The fact is that though love won’t mind giving it all, a genuine lover will never demand it all from the one they love. The moment you are either on the giving or receiving end of extreme benevolence, the relationship must be frankly defined, so no one gets hurt in the process.

These are some major signposts on the road to being in love. If it is your intention to be in love with the person,the signs should be encouraged. On the other hand, if being in love with the person is unethical, the signs should be discouraged. Distance is a very successful discourager, should you ever need one.


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