All nations are not equal. If many of us were given the option of choosing the nation we were to be born in, we would most likely have chosen certain nations over some others. Humorously, if the creator had given us this choice of the place of our birth,overpopulation would have instantly been an issue in some nations, while under population would have been the portion of others. Perhaps this is why the creator never gave us this option.

What is the difference between the leading nations and the laggard nations? Of course the leading nations provide greater infrastructure for her citizens, security, stable governments, concrete principle centered regulations and policies, are in place. Massive investments in education, enterprise and international trade are also common place. Unemployment is ruthlessly confronted. Value for human life is entrenched at all levels of the society. Institutions are available to facilitate the prompt delivery of human as well as public services. This is especially true of the nations that some regard as first world countries.

The reality however is that, these nations were not always great. Great nations are not born, they are made,their greatness wasn’t bestowed, it was built. What then was the tipping point of their greatness? I must confess that it was….Patriotism. Dictionary.com defines patriotism as DEVOTED LOVE, support and defense of ones country; national loyalty. Once again we see the LOVE for a nation by her citizens emerging as the foundation of national greatness.

Many will argue that the patriotism (national love) is an outcome of the country’s greatness. They will insist that anyone can be patriotic to a nation that is doing well. The reverse however, is the truth. The greatness of these nations were an outcome of their citizen’s patriotism. Once that patriotism or love for the country is lost, it’s only a matter of time, before that nation’s greatness will be lost.

Contrast this with the laggard nations. The spirit of patriotic love is usually at a low level. It is not as if its non existent,but in the lagging nations the patriotism shows up occasionally, around temporary events like a 90minute football match. My nation particularly is most patriotic and united around the occasional tournaments that involves their national football teams. Since such tournaments only takes place once every two to four years and for a few hours, we only get to be occasionally and selectively patriotic. This malnourished brand of patriotic love has delivered little or no value in terms of sustainable greatness for my nation and her peers. I have come to view most of such tournaments as a waste of my precious time,since our winning them seldom translates to any meaningful socioeconomic wins for my society at large. This patriotic love is made up of three major entities;

  1. A strong faith in the providential purpose and existence of the nation by both her leaders and citizens. Great nations are imbued with the nationwide belief that the creator established them for a reason. Her citizens are indoctrinated by their educational system to believe that their existence and unity as a nation is not a historical accident. While in my continent revered writers like Achebe insists that “the Scramble for Africa created new boundaries that did violence to Africa‘s ancient societies and resulted in tension-prone modern states” I am persuaded that such backward looking allusions do not foster unity in the now. No nation can go forward by looking backward. Every great nation has had to embrace in love people from diverse backgrounds to move their nations forward. This has been because of the unshakable faith in the purposeful providence of their existence.

  2. This patriotic love has made the citizens resolve to build their nation by working hard on their individual and collective dreams. Which in turn has boomeranged on the nation’s overall productivity. As the citizens have worked hard within the context of their beloved nation, infrastructure, and institutions have emerged. Which has in turn attracted more individuals to the critical mass of the opportunities, that these great nations represents. To put it simply,the citizens love for their nation,has made them work for their nations greatness. The greater their nations have become,the greater the number of individuals the world over,who have had to come over to these nations to seek their livelihood.
  3. The patriotic love of the citizens of these great nations has imbued them with a fighting spirit. A willingness to fight for what they believe, to fight for the preservation of their sovereignty. This fighting spirit of patriotism is both offensive and defensive in nature. This love based fighting spirit has made them formidable in the face of laggard nations who aren’t even sure of what they are willing to live for, talk less of what they are willing to die for. As a matter of fact, the Correlates of War project found some correlation between war propensity and patriotism. This willingness to die for their beloved nation is one of the key elements of patriotism in these great nations.

Love, patriotic love is what makes a nation great. The Leaders of aspiring nations must make patriotism a strategic priority. Actions and decisions that will hurt the patriotic spirit of the nation must be avoided by her leaders. This national love must be integrated into all levels of education in the country. Both national and multinational organizations operating in that environment must be prevailed upon, to operate in a way that reinforces the spirit of patriotism,as well as the core values of the nation. The nations that master the application of these principles to every context of their national existence today,are bound to be the great nations of tomorrow. Will your nation stand up and take her place today?


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Love Dynamics Global
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  1. May the spirit of patriotism possess my fellow citizens of this great nation Nigeria in Jesus Name.Amen! Thank you sir!

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