12 Potent Keys for Contemporary Lovers

  1. What stops the complex from becoming complicated is scaling up our personal ability to manage complexity.
  2. The fact that you are called to love everybody, does not mean you are called to please everybody.
  3. The limited nature of our resources, calls for the development of strategic priorities in the allocation of those resources.
  4. The destiny of secrecy is exposure. If you have to hide it, it is best not to do it.
  5. Accountability is not the willingness to explain your actions, it is the willingness to explain your intentions.
  6. Everyone you meet in life represents a need, a seed and a deed.
  7. The spiritual must always come before the emotional.
  8. The personal must always come before the emotional.
  9. If there is no me, there can be no us.
  10. No lover is worth losing yourself over
  11. If you link your success to your presence, your impact will be limited, because your presence is limited.
  12. Pride is the burial ground of leadership.


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