12 Powerful Love Anchors to Live By

  1. If the creator intended for us to have multiple love partners, He would have given us multiple hearts.
  2. Specialization is a function of focusing on a singular thing or person.
  3. Until we accept where we have been,we won’t be free to embrace where we are going.
  4. Anyone who is unwilling to accept your past is not qualified to be in your future.
  5. You don’t have to be the same, for your relationship to be sane.
  6. Your partner’s point of weakness is your point of relevance in their life. Get to work.
  7. If you fail at loving yourself,you are not likely to succeed at loving anyone else.
  8. You can predict how a person will love you eventually, by how they are loving themselves presently.
  9. Self-hatred is the breeding ground for abusive relationships.
  10. In my opinion, love shouldn’t be constrained to a day, a week or a month. It should be an overall disposition to life.
  11. Our vulnerabilities foster humility and humility fosters affinity.
  12. It doesn’t take a great wedding to have a great marriage. Get your priorities right.


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