Striking Love Insights for Trendy Lovers

  • The essence of pairing is sharing.

  • It is wiser to base your relationship on a common future, rather than a common past.
  • Maturity is not the ability to deny reality; it is the ability to confront it.
  • Denying reality can never nullify reality.
  • Basing your future with someone on the probability of their change, rather than on the certainty of their change, is at best emotional gambling.
  • I will rather risk the possibility of finding someone good in future than living with the certainty of having someone bad in the present.
  • Truth is the seed of trust.
  • A sure way to know you have been deceived 100%, is when you claim to trust a human being 100%.
  • Never conform to whatever you have not confirmed.
  • To understand success, you have to be a student of failure.
  • Your voice might give you the right to speak, but only your results give you the right to be heard.
  • Great relationships are not based upon individual reluctance, they are based on mutual acceptance.


2 thoughts on “Striking Love Insights for Trendy Lovers

  1. Morning pastor have been so blessed with love dynamics. Pastor you have brought smiles to so many relationships and joy to so many heart sir more inspiration and anointing IJN

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