After Val, What Next?

The long-awaited Valentine’s day has come and gone. All that is left is the memory of how good or bad the day was. I am hoping that the day was fulfilling for you. If not I hope you are applying the lessons learned to your post-Val life. So what’s next?

  • ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP UP THE LOVE TEMPO? If yesterday turns out to be the most remarkable day in your love life this year, your love is a failure. The essence of love lies in its continuity. One of the downsides of having so-called special love days is the tendency to go back to love as usual once the day is over. The real love stars are the ones who sustain the love tempo all year round.

  • WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM THE OCCURRENCES OF YESTERDAY? Yesterday was a colossal disappointment for many and an awesome experience for others. For those who discovered the duplicity and unworthiness of their lovers yesterday, I ask: Are you going to keep on managing that which has a damaging effect on your life? Or Are you going to exercise your decisive faculties to make the best choice for yourself in these love matters?

  • WAS YOUR LOVE CONFIRMED OR CONFOUNDED YESTERDAY? The point of yesterday in my opinion is to confirm the love that we claim to have for our loved ones. The nature of love is that it needs to be affirmed and confirmed. If yesterday did not accomplish those objectives, we should rethink our love lives again.

Now that the day has come and gone, we must be bold enough to ask ourselves the hard questions. We must possess enough courage to answer those questions. Most of all we must be determined enough to live out our answers to those questions. Do have a remarkable weekend.



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