Love on point (2): 12 Dynamic Love Insights That Changed My Life

  1. Until you know who you are,you can’t know who you need.

  2. The purpose of your past is to educate your future.
  3. Great marriages grow on the soil of great friendships.
  4. I am an advocate of long friendships,short courtships and early marriages.
  5. Never, ever commit to lust, because lust will never last.
  6. Character is consistent behavior,over an extensive period of time.
  7. The fact that feelings exist,doesn’t mean the feelings will persist. Take time to be sure.
  8. The stingy brand of love is an aberration and a cosmic anomaly.
  9. Making a love commitment to a person who lacks contentment will leave you confounded.
  10. A great marriage isn’t necessarily about having everything,it is about having each other.
  11. Your partner’s silence doesn’t always mean consent,in fact it might be a sign of dissent.
  12. For correction to be effective,it must be private and not public.


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