12 Stinging Love Truths

  1. Love doesn’t have to be crazy, for it to be credible.
  2. If you claim to be in love for no reason, you’re most likely bewitched. Love must be rational.
  3. The love commitments we make that lasts are often born out of personal convictions, not assumptions.
  4. Pity has no merit in love.
  5. Love must be intentional; a product of our personal decision for it to work.
  6. For your love to work, it must become a daily discipline.
  7. Love is not an illusion, it must be a calculated decision.
  8. The demand for thinking lovers is the greatest need of the hour.
  9. Love is most fruitful when it is rooted and grounded in knowledge
  10. Love covers a multitude of sins, not all of them.
  11. Love is more than a feeling, love is a skill.
  12. The love skills you need to succeed in your romantic relationships must have been developed in your non-romantic relationships.


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