12 Irrevocable Love Truths

  1. If you don’t know how to manage your in-laws gracefully, you may soon be made an outlaw.
  2. The worst thing you can do for your love life is to marry into your parents home.
  3. It is laudable for your parents to finance your wedding, but it will be devastating for them to finance your marriage.
  4. One sign that you haven’t left your past psychologically is the tendency to compare people in your present, with the people in your past.
  5. Leaving must come before cleaving. In fact, leaving is what creates room for proper cleaving.
  6. The best way of doing a thing is the next.
  7. You must be married to principles, not to methods.
  8. If you react to everything you hear about your lover, you are bound to lose them.
  9. Every information is only as credible as its source.
  10. The appreciation of your inlaws is the beginning of wisdom for any long term relationship
  11. Distance is the primary test of character
  12. Anyone who cannot accept your past does not belong in your future.

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